It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chapter 3, Page 17, Book 12

St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic.  
Adrienne Cook

The survival of Noah and his family represented a new beginning for the earth and mankind.

Spring into Change

Just look to nature and it will give you clues to how change can be effortless

Change seen as a new beginning is often welcomed, while change viewed as an ending is resisted. Yet every change holds both a beginning and an end. Our perspective and attitude determine which aspect we focus on. For the most part my faith allows me to welcome change with open arms and move forward with ease and grace.

As we journey through Lent on our way to Spring and Easter, it is good to know that it's all about making small changes that could make all the difference. It's not always about huge sweeping changes but making small adjustments that often make the world of a difference

I try to manage the endings in my life with appreciation for all that has been, and to view the beginnings with an expectancy of good things to come.

  • What if every spring, the flowers just gave up on blooming?
  • What if the local birds that have migrated to some faraway place just decided to stay put on that tropical island?
  • What if the sun chose to hide behind the clouds all summer long?

  • I don’t know about you, but I sure love fragrant flowers, sweet singing birds are pretty nice, and, oh, how I love that summer sun smiling down on me,  Everything changes for a reason.

When it comes to changes, I’ve learned something can sound good, feel good, and even be a good thing . . . but if I don’t have peace about it, I need to leave it alone.  Somethings changes are good, but some things just don't ever change.

As the last of the spring snow melts away and the rains bring the fresh green grass and brilliant colors of opening blooms.  We can see that change is inevitable. Nature is constantly changing, growing and evolving

We need to take a look at our own lives to see if there are things that need to be refreshed.  Change and growth takes time. We need to be gentle on ourselves and let positive thoughts replace the negative.

As we travel down the road of renewal into Spring, we will have a number of reasons to rejoice. Many times we are so focused on the destination; we forget to enjoy the journey. When we take a road trip, even though the driving might be daunting, dangerous, or just plain boring at times, if we take the time to truly see the unique beauty of the surrounding landscape, we may discover the journey can be enjoyed almost as much as the destination. 


Have a SUPER Saturday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


JeanJournal said...

Every day is a journey ~ of loving others and being somebody's sunshine! ~ I try to (accentuate the positive, elimanate the negative, latch on to the affirmative ~ and don't mess with mister in-between ~~~ as the song goes) ~ ))) ~ Thanks for cheering me up each day. ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun. ~~ HAVE A GREAT ST. PAT'S DAY!!!


Spring is a time for renewal, for sure. Happy St. Patrick's Day, MA. ENJOY.

Buttercup said...

(Embrace) Change is my word for this year. I like being open to new people and new activities. We've got a glorious spring day here and sending wishes for a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

betty said...

Very festive St. Patrick's Day entry, Ma, with all the cute lepruchans and such! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I liked your thoughts about change. I think, like you, we need to be kind to ourselves when it comes to change and to do it slow as you suggested. So many want to change everything immediately, but it is sometimes a mindset that takes awhile to adjust to the new change and then people get frustrated and give up with what they want to change. But persistent working on changing, small continual steps I do think helps one change about anything they want to change whether a negative thought process or a bad habit they want to give up. Great thoughts to share Ma! have a great day!


jack69 said...

Like the St. Patty's day graphics. Yes Changes come in like a flood from this day forth until Summer is full blown. We bought two nearly grown tomato plants plants to take to NC and plant.

Hope your Super Saturday is JUST THAT! Our is!!