It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chapter 3, Page 13, Book 12

It is better to light candles
than to curse the darkness.
It is better to plant seeds
than to accuse the earth.
The world needs all of our power
and love and energy,
and each of us has something 
that we can give.
The trick is to find it and use it,
to find it and give it away.
So there will always be more.
We can be lights for each other,
and through each other's illumination
we will see the way.
Each of us is a seed,
a silent promise,
and it is always spring.

Merle Shain

TERRIFIC  2'S TUESDAY / Light and Celebration

After a while the rain stopped banging on the roof, and sunlight started to shine through the cracks in the door and windows. Noah knew it was time to find out if the water had gone down

This time of year there are days that I have more light from the candles around my house than can be found from the sun shining through my windows.

Something about a flame on a candle soothes me . The scarlet blaze generates a feeling of hope, of fierce tenacity, that whispers: Hang in there.

I think that when Noah saw the sunlight he probably felt that encouragement to Hang in there too.

And in the darkness of those days, one man stood out from the crowd. Noah was a bright shining light in the prevailing moral darkness.

  The gift we give each other is the light of our presence.  We all have that light inside of us that can warm someone heart. A cold dreary winter day can be changed by sharing our lights with each other 

Just as we light our candles, we need to keep our own inner light shining too

Light is so important to us.  Light is a gift. When I thought about light, I remembered that joyful celebrations commonly involve gift giving, so they have always involved many lights.  I try to keep my light shining and celebrate every day by always looking for that bright side of things that is always there if we stop and look around.

That is my 2 for this Tuesday:  Light and celebration!

Remember:  Do little things on a regular basis that make your loved one's light up

When they light up, it'll warm your world.  

Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


JeanJournal said...

Ma ~ This post today is just simply beautiful ~ I'm up early and eager to get going in a big way. I'm already singing to myself ~~~ (((((Everything's gonna be OK! ~ Yes, I've got a feeling ~ Everything's going my way ~ today)) ~ SHINE ON! ~ and you're right ~~ it is always spring. ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun ~ in 70's and sunny (feels like JUNE! HOOYAY!

jack69 said...

True that, about light. Also that about the flame, it is soothing whether on a candle or a campfire.

Oh After reading the verses by Shain, I thought, this must be the first time I have seen the whole thing in print.
We see the sun today here, gonna be a beautiful day!!! Tomorrow is moving day!!!

grammy said...

I do hope I make life brighter for my family and people around me...good post (o:

Scrappy quilter said...

I love candles too and light. We have wall panelling on our walls and they are dark. I've now painted 3 rooms just so they can be light. I took all the plastic off my windows so we could have more light. And when there is light, darkness can't stay. Love your new heading picture. Hugs


BEAUTIFUL poem. SUNLIGHT glimmering through a window, dancing on a wall brings such joy. I LOVE candles too, their fragrant scent wafting through the air, their flickering glow lighting the space around them. I so needed this inspiration today, MA. Spent all night in emergency room with my grandson. Met my daughter there with him. She thought his appendix had ruptured. Fortunately that was not the case. take care.