It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Chapter 3, Page 1, Book 12


Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves: they will always have entertainment.

Blessed are those who can distinguish between a mountain and a molehill; they will save themselves a lot of trouble.
Blessed are those who can rest and sleep without looking for excuses; they will become wise. 

Blessed are those who are intelligent enough not to take themselves too seriously; they will be appreciated. 

Blessed are you if you can look seriously at small things and peacefully at serious things; you will go far in life.
Blessed are you if you can admire a smile and forget a scowl; your path will be sunlit. 

Blessed are you if you can always interpret the attitudes of others with good will, even when appearances are to the contrary; you may seem naive, but that is the price of charity. 

Blessed are those who think before acting and who laugh before thinking; they will avoid foolish mistakes. 

Blessed are you if you know how to be silent and smile, even when you are interrupted, contradicted or walked on; the gospel is beginning to take root in your heart. 

Blessed are you especially if you know how to recognize the Lord in all those you meet; you have found the true light, true wisdom. 

Thankful Thursday

According to the Bible account in the book of Genesis, Noah's Ark came to rest over 4300 years ago on the 

mountains of Ararat

I don't know for a fact that Noah was laughing or smiling when he discovered that he and his family were safe in the ark while everything else was covered by the great flood but I can imagine that he was very thankful indeed.

We are told that he eventually did wind up on a mountain.  

You know the old saying about making a mountain out of a molehill?  I have a picture in my mind of what that looks like. And it is not pretty.

Mountains are breathtaking to behold. They inspire awe of God’s creation and the magnificence of who He must be to have created them.
And then there is the molehill. It is small and unnoticeable, except to the mole, for which it is home.

As we get older it is not difficult to see more and more barriers rising before us as our age advances.  Excuses are more frequently found and taking it easy can become your watchword.  Molehills can quickly become mountains, if we want them to.

We sometimes turn our mole hills into mountains.  In life we often consider various obstacles we run up against as a kind of mountain. These emotional, spiritual, or even physical mountain challenges can seem very large and almost insurmountable at times, or at the very least difficult to get around without a lot of sacrifice. This can leave a person feeling exhausted or overwhelmed once they get past the easier, marked out bits to the more difficult climb to the summit of their issue.

People get upset by all manner of things, such as someone saying or doing the wrong thing.  Rather than placing a value judgement about what is or isn't important to any other person in regard to personal struggles or life obstacles, what if we encouraged each other that by faith we can overcome both mountains and molehills alike?

Better yet, what if we offered to carry each others burdens, pray in faith together for obstacles to be removed, and walk alongside each other in love and encouragement. Perhaps then some of those mountains would actually be reduced to mole-hills and people would begin to see the success of their journey. 
We all have the ability to decide whether to make a big deal out of the small stuff, or to simply let it pass.  Life is precious.  Let’s not waste it on the small stuff.
Today I'm very thankful that I can admire a smile and forget a scowl.  I'm thankful I can enjoy the small things in life that make it truly beautiful and fulfilling.

On this THANKFUL Thursday, I hope you'll find yourself on that sunlit path.

'On Ya'-ma



Blessed are we all for what life has given us. But you are right about advancing age making things a bit more difficult. As a result, I have a few molehills that need filling in because they've created some BIG messes, that I'm now dealing with. But I'm trying to be positive. And praying the solution will be at hand, soon. As always a nice post, MA. Take care.

Joyful Days said...

This made me smile! I needed those Be-attitudes.

Read that passage of Noah today and was thinking..."How many days in the ark?" I'm pretty sure there were smiles going out. Mrs. Noah was making a to-do list for the new tent!



jack69 said...

Ahhhhhh, I am thankful for the Beattitudes you posted. Love them

JeanJournal said...

Today is gorgeous! ~ like looking at a lovely picture! ~ walking around in the yard...trees blooming ~ flowers too...I'm enjoying the warm temp. of 74...and the soft wind blowing through my hair ~ seems i hear God softly saying ~ (((("All this! ~ and the sunshine, blue skys, and three little Chihuahua puppies playing around your feet is my special gift today ~ Yes, all this! is just for you ~ to SHARE!"))) ~ LUCY ~ is mine ~ CANDY ~ and ~ SASSY are Kathys' LOVE YOUR POST TODAY, Ma...Ahhhhhhhhhhh! ~ really does describe it! ~ Jean(Rome Georgia GIERL living in Calhoun

Jean said...

Another great post MA as always it has help make my day. Take care. Jean