It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chapter 1, Page 29, Book 12

R and R Sunday/ Eating Humble Pie

To eat humble pie means to act submissively and apologetically, especially in admitting an error.   That is what I'm doing today.  You know I'm always reminding you that it is very important for us all to get some rest and relaxation on Sunday.  It is like a reward for all the hard work you've done all week and refreshes you for the week ahead.

But there is much much more to Sunday rest and relaxation than meets the eye.

That is where my humble pie comes into being.  Sunday is more than a day of physical and mental relaxation it is even more than a day on which we worship.  The Sabbath / Sunday is God's seventh day, not ours.  God took six days to create everything that goes to make up our planet.  Then He set aside the seventh day as His day of rest.  We made no contribution to creation, we only received it as a gift from God.  From Sunday to Sunday my faith is renewed.

The JOY of Sunday is one of the greatest ways we can wish each other Sunday rest.  Daily Concerns and tasks can fin their proper perspective:  the material things about which we worry give way to spiritual values.  It's the day on which man is at peace with God, with himself and with others.  Sunday become a moment when we can look upon the wonders of nature as we celebrate the Lord's day.

Sunday is the day of joy and rest precisely because it is the Lord's Day.

'On Ya'-ma


Kath said...

Sundays have always been a very quiet day at my home Ma,aside cooking Sunday Lunch when all the family were at home of course,even more so when I was a girl.My Father insisted Sunday was the Sabbath and we all had to rest after chapel had been attended..I enjoy the quiet peacefulness of Sundays nowadays,no cooking as I usually spend Sunday lunch being waited on eating out..Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Anonymous said...

I agree. We don't shop, run, pay bills nothing on Sunday. Just joyful visiting with each other. I have been this way & probably won't change any time soon. Sunday is His gift to us, you certainly have that right, & what a gift it is.


Bookncoffee said...

Humble Pie Day....yep, I like that. Sunday's are like a mini new year for every week. Have a good week. Somehow I accidentally unfollowed I think b/c this blog quit showing up after I took some old ones off of there. I know to read two blogs of yours and only one was in my reader and in my sidebar. So I'm following again. I think I got delete happy. The PC was slow and I kept hitting the button. Wonder what else I deleted? lol Have a great Sunday.

jack69 said...

What? Humble Pie?
When you stated R & R, I took the rest for granted. Because it is designated as a day of rest.

Anyway, Humble pie is better eatne fresh, the longer one waits the harder it goes down. LOL

Love ya lady!!! We are enjoying The sunshine. Can you imagine 170 campers in church. We have a large church and a good service.
Today we were blessed by a group fromOhio, The Wylers on Wheels. Great group!

jack69 said...

The Wylers are from ashland, OH, I amma thinking.

They can really harmonize

Buttercup said...

Wishes for a bright and blessed Sunday!


You are a wise woman, MA. You said it all. Hope you had a wonderful day. Mine was filled with little problems that quickly found solutions. And on top of it we had snow. But next week it's going into the 50's. Take care.