It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chapter 1, Page 27, Book 12

Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do - or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so.  

Stanley Crawford


Winter is about half way though with us and here at my house I've been able to endure it quite well so far. Sinclair Lewis said that Winter is not a season it is an occupation.  While I do things differently in the winter and at a different pace, I do agree that winter is an occupation.  I might think there is so little to do, but no, that is not the case at all.  Ever since Thanksgiving, which I like to think of as the beginning of the winter season, I've been very busy.  There haven't been very many days at all with little to do.  

Someone asked me recently how I spend my days.  I know a lot of you think that my days are probably less than to be desired.  Staying home, not going to work and being by myself as I am.  But let me tell you there is truly never a dull moment.  I seem to keep at doing something all the time.  It may be in baby steps with lots of breaks in between, but still busy busy.

I do a lot of things that I like to do such as reading, knitting, painting and of course blogging.  I also do the usual everyday house work and cooking then clean up that everyone does.  

This season of promise brings with it cleaning up the messes I didn't get to in the summer time too.  When it is nice out, I want to be outdoors working in the yard, sitting on my patio or spending time at the camper.  

I think the promise is that if you persevere these dark dreary days your reward will come with springtime.  

Sometimes life can seem like winter. Long cold stretches of time with very little to get excited about. The days seem dark and all too brief. We know these times are seasonal and things will improve but when? How? And then suddenly a patch of joyous green shoots out of an all but dead branch and hope springs eternal.

I hope your Friday is a FANTASTIC one!

'On Ya'-ma



LOVE the photo of the tree in the snow, the quote and your description afterwards of winter. It is exactly how I feel. I often get cabin fever in the winter, something awful. But this year because of the mild weather, that hasn't affected me as much. I am so happy. I'm glad you keep yourself busy around your house. One of my daughter's is an artist and she is always happy to have a brush in her hand. I know when I lived alone, when my hubby worked out of town, it was sometimes a challenge for me to fill the hours. But I did. take care.

jack69 said...

Ohhh, now. I never picture your life a boring. No way a person who 'thinks' will allow boredom. Yes, even in winter here in Florida is a time for Fantastic dreams and Promises.
We are able most of the time to do the thinking as we walk, today since it is raining it will be inside.

Nope, I think MA will stay busy in the Winter, and still allow time to promise herself good camping in the sunshine of summer.

Jean said...

I'm kind of like you I can always find something to do. We don't have to many cold days here in south Alabama we live close enough to the Florida line to say it's more like Florida weather, Lol. some cool days and some that's hot days even in the winter time. Take care. Jean

Kath said...

I keep a few things scattered around the home in each room,to remind me spring is on the way Ma.Like you I can always find something to do,even when not such an enjoyable job,I still do it LOL!!Everything we do passes the time and stops you watching the clock.Time passes so quickly when your having fun LOL!.Have a lovely day Ma.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx

JeanJournal said...

I like what Sinclair Lewis said...that Winter ia not a season it is an occupation. Ahh yes...we have to occupy until Spring comes. SOMETIMES...It's a matter of our determination to STAY ALIVE...even though we can't do what we did at a younger age. You're doing good, Ma, and really inspire me to GET BUSY ~~~BE ing HAPPY!!! & helpful to others...(and to ourselves!) ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl)

peggy said...

I'm having a hard time with January, usually there's lots of snow, but it seems odd to me this year. I've been cleaning out and reading blogs mostly. It's almost gone so I hope we haven't hurt "January's" feelings.