It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chapter 1, Page 26, Book 12

Give me a grateful heart, Lord, 
For each small favor granted,
 As years unfold, may I behold 
Life, still, through eyes enchanted. 

Let me find beauty in all things, 
Not to be blind to see 
The goodness in my fellowman, 
That he would find in me.

Grant that my ears remain attuned, 
To hear the smallest sigh, 
And may I lead a gentle touch, 
To those less sure than I. 

Let me remember lessons learned, 
To profit from the past,
And may I build a bridge of dreams, 
That shall forever last.

Let me rejoice in simple things, 
I need no wealth to buy, 
The scent of pine upon the wind,
A burnished copper sky. 
Scarlet roses on the fence,
 Sunrise through the trees 

Oh, Grant that I may not outgrow 
Affinity for these!
Give me a grateful heart, Lord;
 Let me be satisfied, 
When days are less than sunny, 
And plans lie at low tide.
 Life is an adventure, 
That will lead to who knows where, 
So, give me a grateful heart, Lord, 
That I may always care.

Being thankful is a blessing in its self.  It focuses my mind and is very often an attitude adjustment.  To begin each day with a grateful heart is the best way I know to assure myself of a good day.
This past week was a busy one at my house.  I knew in advance that I had company coming in.  So I am very thankful that I had the strength to get it all done.  As each year passes I find I have more time on my hands, but less strength do many of the things that used to come so easily.
I am very thankful for all the time I have as I need those extra moments.
I'm very thankful that I have a family that enjoys being together and that they love sharing what they do and schedule time to be together.  Too often people let their to do lists come before family and thankfully mine make time for quality family times together.
I'm thankful for the blessings of a mild January.  Our weather here continues to be a roller coaster with high temps in the 40's and even 50's now and then, while plummeting down into the single digits on other days.  I say it is mild here because too often it gets cold and stays that way and having days with a bit of reprieve are just wonderful.
As always I continue to be thankful for my basics of home, food and clothing but more than anything I'm thankful to be able to live each day to the fullest and enjoy the blessings that are so abundant in my life. Most days my heart is near bursting at the seams!
I hope your heart is one full of thanks today too.
'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

I do love the way your family are so close! I wish our families were like that! Our families are too caught up in their agenda to spend quality time together! That's why enjoy hearing about your close knit family!

jack69 said...

I thank God that I can be thankful. I believe it changes one's life completely when we, as you are, learn to truly be thankful.

Pat MacKenzie said...

What a beautiful poem. Family always comes first in my list of things I'm thankful for - I love that I have so many people to love and to love me back.

Anonymous said...

Thankfulness for every little thing reminds us they add up!! Love the post today, heart warming for sure. Hugs.

HAVING A GIVEAWAY - come by and put your name in!

Kath said...

You do have a wonderful family Ma,who like you say,take time out to be together.I like Holly find my family are always caught up in something they have to do aside.I am thankful they are well and all in perfect health,which means much to me.I too have had a busy week and find it takes much longer to do things,but thankful for each day given.Have alovely day Ma.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

grammy said...

I too am so thankful for this warm weather...
hope we don't pay for it with a snowy bad Spring (o:
I am Thankful to have Grand kids visit...and on days like today... I am thankful they go home (o:


What a wonderful prayer. I LOVE it. You are so lucky to have such a tight knit family. One that gets together often. Ours is scattered to the wind because of the miles that seperate us. And the one daughter who lives across town is so-oo busy working odd shifts at the hospital we seldom if ever get to see her or the grandkids. It breaks my heart, for sure. I am thankful for what I've got and that is all that matters. It's been CRAZY weather around here too. Take care.

JeanJournal said...

I'm thankful today to be visiting my youngest daughter(and also I'll get to spend time with 2 greatgrandaughters...which is a treat! Ma, you have a lovely and close family and that's truly a blessing...My 3 children are loving and close to me but rarely ever see each other unless we plan a dinner at Easter or Christmas. We're still having Springlike weather! ~ Hooray! I'm mostly THANKFUL for that and that I'm healthy & HAPPY & have 3 WONDERFUL! children. I have a little chihuahua(LUCY) who keeps me happy around the house(6 pounds of PURE LOVE) . . .and before my husband died March 2006 we just had outside doggies for the children. Blessya for your sweet words daily. ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun