It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, January 16, 2012

Chapter 1, Page 16, Book 12

Here’s a good inspirational message. Keep it in your hearts.
Death was walking toward a city one morning and a man asked,
What are you going to do?
I’m going to take 100 people, Death replied.
That’s horrible, the man said.
That’s the way it is, Death said. That’s what I do.
The man hurried to warn everyone he could about Death’s plan. As evening fell, he met Death again.
You told me you were going to take 100 people, the man said. Why did 1,000 die?
I kept my word, Death responded. I only took 100 people. Worry took the others.
This interesting tale portrays so well what a Mental Health Committee reported a few years ago – half of all the people in hospital beds are constant worriers. Mental distress can lead to migraine headaches, arthritis, heart trouble, cystitis, colitis, backaches, ulcers, depression, digestive disorders and yes, even death.
Add to that list the mental fatigue of nights without sleep and days without peace, then we get a glimpse of the havoc worry plays in destroying the quality and quantity of life. Worry is, and always will be, a fatal disease of the heart, for its beginning signals the end of faith.
Release the regrets of yesterday, refuse the fears of tomorrow and receive instead, the peace of today.
Author Unknown

Merry Monday!

No matter what or what not is going on in our lives today, if we can keep those eyes of faith open, it will be a happier day for all of us.

No worries here today.  Just staying in and keeping warm for the most part.  I do a little work around here each day, trot up and down the stairs for a while and then rest a bit.  Nothing much new in my routine for sure.

Have a MERRY Monday every one !  Don't worry - be happy!

'On Ya'-ma


Kath said...

A very similar day for me Ma today,Worry is just as you have wrote Ma,a death sentence.I was told this years ago by an OT I had to visit me,when I suffered depression.We all worry a little, but nowadays I try to cast most of my worries aside straight away.Have a great Monday.Stay warm.Take Care God Bless,Kath xx


Worry will become the DEATH of you if you let it. You are so right about this one. Loved the story you told about it. I admit that throughout my life I have been a chronic worrier. It has raised my blood pressure. Given me heartburn and zapped the joy right out of my life. I no longer let WORRY get the upper hand. And I feel a whole lot better. Temps warming up here. That flubug is leaving my body. Hope you have a GREAT day too.

Pat MacKenzie said...

I love that story, and it's so very true. I have never been a chronic worrier (just a sometimes short-term worry). My mother-in-law was a world champion worrier - it seemed if she didn't have something or someone to worry about she was lost. She lived to be 89 though.

jack69 said...

My only comment is this is something great to digest. I wish there was a magic wordm that would relieve folks from worry. For some it is their religious beliefs, but for others with the same beliefs, worry is still a BIG problem.
As always girl, you done good!(for a kid) LOL

Hollie said...

Such a true entry! Worry!!! I hope you are having a wonderful evening!

JeanJournal said...

Don't worry, be happy is the best way to enjoy the day. I helped my daughter babysit a 4 year old and a 9 year old today...I'm tired ~ but happy!~ There is a quote I like when I'm about to start worrying (about something I have no control over ~ "Why worry?. . . when you can pray?" Really appreciate your daily thoughts! ~ JeanJournal (Jean (Rome Georgia Girl)