It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 8, Book 11


I'm very thankful this week for the Christmas lights that are appearing everywhere.  I do so enjoy the decorations in the yards of neighbors as I put up my own. The best part about these lights isn't their illumination. I like them because no matter what color, shape, or holiday they represent, they all brighten up our lives as they shine light on our streets.

These holiday decorations remind us that me are in the season of giving. Not just of giving presents and money, but of spreading holiday cheer and happiness too.
This is the season that encourages us to be decent to one another unconditionally, and smile as we pass each other on the street. It reminds us that we can give our time as a present to make our world a better place
It's a time to remember that it isn't just about pretty lights or a few days of vacation. It's also about giving. Seize the power of the holidays, and know you can make someones day even just a little bit better with the gift of a simple smile.
Did you ever wonder how the tradition of Christmas lights started?
The fist lights of the holiday season actually date back to before the birth of Christ.  Yule logs were burned during the long winter months to stave off winter's cold and darkness and bring the promise of Spring

During the Dark Ages, a light was put in the window of even the humblest of homes to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas.

In some European Christians they would display a burning candle in the windows of their house that was visible from the outside.  The candles in the windows indicated to other Christians that the house was a Christian house and that other Christians were welcome.

In 1882, electric Christmas lights were introduced and Christmas was never the same.  People were so please with them that they began looking for more ways to use the.  Hence the evolution of Christmas lights from a tree only decoration to a house wide decoration.

The Christmas lights that cheerfully light up the dark days of December have come a long way.  Candles on trees and in windows have become a symbol of the Christmas Season.

I hope that during these short and often cloudy days you will find something that will brighten up your day and will be thankful for it too.

'On Ya'-ma


Scrappy quilter said...

I too love the lights. They just brighten up the night and put a smile on our faces, don't they. Hope you have a wonderful Thurs. Hugs

jack69 said...

Shucks, I seem to learn something every time I come here. Now if I can just keep my fingerts on the right keys to tell you. LOL

Sybil said...

Hello Ma, sorry not to have been commenting of late. But I have been feeling a litle blue having had to put my bleoved Dee to sleep and what with Christmas coming and no "centre" to the house without my beloved sister, if you know what I mean, it has just got to me a wee bit....but onwards to Christmas we must go and make sure that i don't blight anyone else.
Love Sybil xx

betty said...

I like that to spread holiday cheer and happiness with a smile or a kind word (especially to overworked retail workers, LOL :)

It is fun to see the lights springing up here too! More and more it seems every time we go out to walk Koda in the evening. It is neat to see all the displays!

Hope your Thursday is a great one!



We always used to have a yule log at Christmas time. Don't know why we stopped? I LOVE the decorative lights too. So pretty. Some displays are very elaborate. I have fond memories of seeing my Dad untangle the lights and hang them on the tree and outside. Thanks for the history lesson. It was very interesting. Take care.