It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 4, Book 11

The Wise men from my Nativity Set are on a journey here.  This is the far corner of the front room where they started off last Sunday.  Today I'll move them in a little closer the Creche where Mary and Joseph are waiting.

The second week of advent! The light from my wreath will grow brighter as I light two candles to remind us we are growing closer to the One who is the light.  We are preparing for the Christ Child to be born in our world and into our hearts.  It is about unexpected gifts.

THE MAGI were intellectuals, students of the stars and seekers after truth. It took the learned sages somewhat longer than the unlearned shepherds to find their way to Bethlehem, but they got there in the end.  

According to an old legend, when the Magi were following the star of Bethlehem, they came to the house of a certain woman. They said to her, Come with us! We have seen his star in the east and we are going to worship him.Oh, she said, I would love to go. I heard that he would be coming one day and I have been looking forward to it. But I can't come now. I must set my house in order; then I will follow you and find him.

But when her work was done, the wise men were out of sight, the star shone no more in the heavens, and she never saw Jesus. That can happen. We can go through this whole busy Christmas season and miss the essential meaning of it all.

WHERE CHILDREN wish upon a star or wise men scan the universe in hope let your bright beams surround their dreams and guide their hesitating feet to where a miracle is born.

It's hard to believe that it is really December.  The main highlight of this month of course is Christmas. While many look forward to Christmas there are many more who find it a particularly sad and difficult time for various reasons. For all of us the invitation is to make the most of the present moment be it today or any other day during the coming month. The present moment is all any of us have or ever will. I am asking  God's blessings on all of us throughout this month of December. I especially include in my prayers any person or family who will find this month difficult and pray for the strength, courage and hope to get through each day.

Advent is the Lord's call to us to come away by yourself and rest awhile.  Don't miss out.

Have a some of that wonderful R and R this Sunday!

'On Ya'-ma


peggy said...

It is good you remind us that not everyone feels joyous at Christmas. Even if we feel very blessed, there is a sadness in it for our failures. Thanks for your prayers.

Bookncoffee said...

Thanks for sharing. It's unbelievable how fast the year has gone by. And this month will move along too.

betty said...

Interesting story about the lady with the magi; I think a lot of people can do that and miss Jesus, especially the very holiday season where we are celebrating him. Some get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all, they forget why we are doing this and give a rare thought to Jesus. Good reminder for us, Ma, to focus on the True Reason for the Season!

Three weeks from today is Christmas! What a joyful season indeed!




How sad that the lady did not go with the Magi. She missed so much more than mere words can say. Thank you for the inspiration and prayers, MA. We're going to muddle through somehow. Take care.

jack69 said...

Yes we are here, just around the corner is the big DAY.
It is nice following along as the Day approaches.

Love from down here. Nice weather, and a new church for us today!

JOHN said...

I really enjoyed reading your post about Setting up for Christmas.Your pictures are so clear and captures the story.Let us pray for the less fortunate and the homeless.God be with them