It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 27, Book 11

There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day. 

 Alexander Woolcott

On The 3rd day of Christmas..

One of the great opportunities we have these days is to savor the Christmas season. Christmas is not a single day; it's a season.  On this the 3rd day of Christmas I hope you are enjoying the season and all that it holds.  

Christmas is about more than shopping, TV specials, and yes, Santa Claus.  If we take time to enjoy our decorations and treats during the Christmas Season just maybe we'll find more of that Christmas spirit to keep in our hearts all year though.

December 27th: Day Three...Three French Hens...  

I did get a hen, but it was not a French one, Then hungry I got. So I ended up cooking it in  a great big pot.  So today my gift to you is 3 ideas to use that leftover chicken.  

It always feels great when we can make a meal go just as far as possible, and this is one of my favorite ways to stretch a whole chicken into three meals.  In addition to saving on the budget, it also saves a lot of prep time in the kitchen and makes it easy to plan meals for the week – perfect for these busy days!  In a pinch, you can buy a Rotisserie chicken from your favorite deli if you don’t have time to roast the chicken yourself. 

Serve the roasted chicken on the first night, reserve a 1/2 cup of shredded chicken for chicken pizza  or tacos on night two, and pick the bones clean then use all of the remaining chicken to make chicken noodle soup on the third night.

You know that at my house when I cook anything, I eat a lot of leftovers, but roast chicken has to be my favorite.

Hope your Tuesday is a TERRIFIC one!

'On Ya'-ma



It is a wonderful season. Celebrating the twelve days is so natural to us. Very special. I'm glad to know others do it too. I don't understand people packing up the decorations the day after the 25th. GREAT ideas to stretch that roasted chicken into more meals. Thanks. Rotisserie chicken is reasonably priced. Here it runs about $3.98-$4.98 a bird.

jack69 said...

I eat a lot of leftovers, but roast chicken has to be my favorite....................

Mine too!!!!

But I did enjoy the entry, but youstarted off with a quote that makes my DAY! (They are all important)

Scrappy quilter said...

Yummie, I love roast chicken too. Hope you have a wonderful Tues. Hugs

grammy said...

I love a rotisserie chicken...especially from Sams!!!
Loved all your xmas entries...the pray was very nice,
Love the 1989family picture...wish I could have enlarged it though.
Have a great Week after Christmas.

JeanJournal said...

It's a RAINY day in Georgia... in Dixie("If you're from Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, or the Carolines...Or any place below the Mason Dixon line...Then you're from Dixie...Hooray! for Dixie...'Cause I'm from Dixie too. Wish I had the words to that song... My Mama sang it to us when we were kids ~ Maybe I'll google it...Speaking for myself ~ I'm eating light ~ for a few days ...But, 'ma" that roasted chicken, I think, will be on my menu pretty soon! ~ (probably one from Walmart -:) (GOOD ideas for leftovers)...The Lord bless you today!.well, the rest of the day. ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun