It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 14, Book 11


Winter Wonderland. 

Sleigh bells ring are you listening 
in the lane snow is glistening. 
A beautiful sight 
we're happy tonight 
walking in a winter wonderland 

I am not very fond of winter or the snow and cold that it brings but there are many wonderful things in each of our 4 seasons so I try to be thankful for all of them.  Winter doesn't start off half bad here as the days are busy with preparations for Christmas.  And the great thing is that when the 1st day of Winter arrives, little by little the days do begin to get longer once again.

I do love the warm and comforting meals in the wintertime too.  Soups and roasts that haven't been a part of my menu since Spring arrived have found their way back into my kitchen.  I love turning the oven on when it is cold outside and I never turn it on in the summer.

As we settle deeper into this chilly season, It's a good time to remember to incorporate more fruit and veggies into our daily diet.  Those extra nutrients give us the energy we need to plow through the winter months.  I saw an article about some golden rules for high-energy eating : Never go more than four or five hours without eating, and include some protein at each meal or snack — like individual tuna salad packs, cheese sticks, or nuts. Keep your cupboards stocked with healthy foods you can grab and eat on the go.

Of course there are all sorts of wonderful warm and cozy things to do inside this time of year too.  Reading is probably one of my favorites.  I have to say that I really have enjoyed several of the free books offered for my Kindle. They are written by some authors that I've never heard of before but they've been surprisingly well written.

I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one.  See the wonders of the winter wonderland. May your wintery days be white, whimsical, and wonderful

'On Ya'-ma! 


Kathy said...

I love soups and stews when it's cold or rainy too. Do you love having a Kindle? I am debating whether or not I want one. I am thinking I can get rid of the four books on my nightstand if I do. :)

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Love cool weather ....not the cold and snow....

Have a Wonderful Wednesday....

betty said...

I do think we tend to eat more heartier with stews and soups in winter than the summer of salads and sandwiches, I think our bodies need that extra fuel too to help keep us warm! Like you, Ma, we tend to run the oven more in winter than summer, often to help heat up the house! So glad you are enjoying the Kindle; I think its a great tool to use to read other authors works indeed!

have a good day!


jack69 said...

I love the winter wonderland picture.
We are not much for ovens, but soups are my specialties. Love 'em.
Thanks for a good read.
Warm thoughts from Florida!!


Winter is wonderful if you don't have to venture outside. Of course then I get cabin fever if I'm inside too long. LOL Reading is my favorite pastime. I love my Kindle, too. I'm not fond of soup. But my husband is. So got to keep that crockpot going. I make a great Manhattan Chowder. And Pot roast is so yummy. You're right, MA the food this time of year is scrumptious. Getting hungry just talking about it. LOL Take care.

JeanJournal said...

I've been sorta worried that I'm (not talking too much) but writing too much! SOOO, JUST KNOW, Ma, that your daily blog is a joy! ~ Jean

Unknown said...

I love all seasons, winter being my least favorite.But even not liking it as much as the others there are many things to be grateful for like: cooking from scratch (something one can't do in the heat of summer), having a good book handy. (Like you, I love to read) I have been wondering about getting a Kindle too. I love the idea of having all my favorite books handy, plus those on hand I have yet to read. BUT...I might miss the simple action of turning a page. Somehow, that little thing is something I enjoy.
I want to thank you for always taking time to visit my journals. And I want to apologize for not always getting back to yours. It's a bit more difficult with my husband on hospice now. It is so very hard. I love him so very much and am losing more of him every day. Time, something I used to love, had now become my enemy, in a sense. Not literally...speaking from the heart, is all.
In case I've never said it before. I love you, Ma; love your kindness to others, your courtesy, your thoughtfulness, your wisdom, your ability to keep life simple, which is really the best way.
I hope you are having an awesome week.