It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 31, Book 11


At the sound of the tolling midnight bell a brand new year will begin. Let’s raise our hopes in a confidant toast, to the promise it ushers in.
May your battles be few, your pleasure many, your wishes and dreams fulfilled. May your confidence stand in the face of loss and give you the strength to rebuild.
May peace of heart fill all your days may serenity grace your soul. May tranquil moments bless your life and keep your spirit whole.

On the 7th Day of Christmas...

December 31st: Day Seven Seven swans swimming 

But the water was so cold I couldn’t catch them, I couldn’t grab hold. So I grabbed some towels to dry my hair. You can go swimming and chase swans if you dare.

My gift to you today :

Recipe for Life.

1 Heaping cup of encouragement
1 cup of melted compassion
2 cups of hope
1 cup of love
1 tablespoon of faith -- it only takes a little
2 large unbeaten attitudes
Lots of hugs in assorted sizes

Cream encouragement and compassion together. 
Add hope, love, and faith.
 Mix thoroughly until smooth.
 Slowly add the unbeaten attitude.
 Batter should be firm but not unyielding. knead gently. 
Roll in hugs and cut out to the desired shape. 
Add stars for eyes and a kiss.
 Bake in a warm oven.

 Excellent when shared with a friend.

To mark a new beginning of the year here at my house, I try to make sure that the refrigerator and the pantry is stocked and that I have plenty of sweets and citrus around the house.  I've always believed that oranges cure a lot of winter ills.  The Chinese believe that oranges symbolize gold and good news and often roll then into the house at the lunar New Year.

Some like to buy flowers or a new plant to greet the New Year to symbolize a healthy a healthy and lush start.

Placing quarters on the window ledge is another way to symbolize wealth in the New Year. All you really need to do is have enough quarters for everyone present, and maybe a few for those who are not, and set them out until the New Year arrives. With any luck, everyone will have great financial luck in the New Year.

There are all sorts of things we can to do symbolize a new and prosperous beginning in our homes.  Maybe you'd like to share what you do at your house.

Happy New Years Eve!

May the Joy of the Lord be on you!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 30, Book 11


Look at the Candy Cane
What do you see?
Stripes that are red
Like the blood shed for me
White is for my Savior
Who’s sinless and pure!
J is for Jesus 
My Lord, that’s for sure!
Turn it around
And a staff you will see
Jesus my shepherd
Was born for Me!



December 30th: Day Six Six geese a laying
*Sigh* We’re back to those birds! I tried stealing their eggs. But their cries could be heard. So I gave up and went to the grocery store. and bought some candy canes 
Candy canes are fantastic Christmas treats.   I always have a bunch of them around every Christmas.  I decorate with them and also use them for a stirrer in my hot chocolate .  Mmmmm good.  Today my gift to you will be a little recipe for a delicious dip I make every Christmas using Candy canes.

Candy Cane Dip
1/2 Cup crushed peppermint candy canes
12 oz. Cool Whip, thawed
Wafer Cookies
Fold crushed peppermint into whipped topping. The easiest and fastest way to crush is by using a food processor…Warning--it is rather loud!.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  Before serving, stir dip to 
distribute the peppermint bits.  Serve with wafers.

To make a great presentation it can be served with Pepperidge Farms Pirouette Créme Filled Wafers! My favorite!
Everyone seems to love it, but this year I had a bit leftover and think that maybe there were just too many other things to eat at our family celebration, so I'm not sure if I'll make it again next year.

And here's something for you to try out...Just for fun..

Try this tongue twister: Silly Sue said six sad snowmen sat sideways singing.

Hope you had better luck than I did!

And I hope your Friday is a FANTASTIC one!

'On Ya'-ma

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 29, Book 11

Every day is Christmas 

When you have the kind of mind,
That stores up all the goodness and the sweetness it can find
 When you don’t need an occassion, 
To spread a bit of cheer, 
But just keep on a-giving, 
Of yourself throughout the year.

Every day is Christmas,
 With a gaily wrapped surprise, 
When you’ve learned 
To see the friendship, 
In someone else’s eyes. 
When you try a little harder, 
And complain a little less,
Holding fast to all the fervor 
Of the faith that you possess.

Every day is Christmas, 
When you’ve found that you can be
 More concerned with words like you 
And less with I and me.
 When it’s fun to do a favor, 
And to lend a helping a hand,
 When being understood means less, 
Than when you understand.

Every day is Christmas, 

With a beauty deeply cast, 

When you find it doesn’t matter, 

If you’re first or if you’re last. 

When you can face your conscience, 

And be glad of what you are, 

Then every day is Christmas, 

With a stable and a star.

Author Unknown

On the Fifth Day of Christmas..

December 29th: Day Five Five golden rings 

That’s rather extreme. But family is golden, As I’m sure you’ve been told, and they’re your lifesavers, when you’re young or old. So one lifesaver is better than 5 rings. Well, I got out of that one! I’m getting good at these things. 

Today is Thankful Thursday and I'm always thankful for my family.  Life wouldn't be half so grand without them for sure.  
We’ve all heard of the Golden Rule – that ethic of reciprocity which instructs us to treat others as we might want to be treated. Someone recently sent me this list of Golden Rules for Living.   The logic is simple and refreshingly blunt. You might tack this up on your refrigerator. It applies to young or old.

Isn’t it true that very often the best advice is the most basic, too?

The Golden Rules of Living
If you open it, close it.
If you turn it on, turn it off.
If you unlock it, lock it up.
If you break it, admit it.
If you borrow it, return it.
If you can’t fix it, call in someone who can.
If you value it, take care of it.
If you make a mess, clean it up.
If you move it, put it back.
If it belongs to someone else and you want to use it, get permission.
If you don’t know how to operate it, leave it alone.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
If it’s none of your business, don’t ask questions.
If it will brighten someone’s day, say it.
If it will tarnish someone’s reputation, keep it to yourself.

There is one thing that money can't put a price on and that is friends and family. True friends, and close family are there for you through thick and thin, good days and bad. They offer support when it is needed, make us laugh, share a cry, and fill our lives with joy and a feeling that is priceless.

'On Ya'-ma

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 28, Book 11


December 28th: Day Four Four calling birds What’s with those wings? I only see three...Instead my gift for you today is a poem that I hope brings you a SMILE or two...

I’d dump those individual gifts at your door, 
The gifts you have lost that you cherished of yore, 
I’d deliver to you all that maidenly vigor 
That goes along with a size 14 figger.  
Restore the old color that once graced your hair, 
Before rinses and bleaches took residence there, 
I’d bring back the contours with which youth is gifted, 
So that things now suspended need not be uplifted.
 I’d draw in your stomachs and smooth down your backs
Till you’d be a dream walking in close fitted slacks. 
I’d remove all the wrinkles and leave only one chin,
 So you wouldn’t spend days rubbing grease on your skin. 
You wouldn’t have flashes, or queer dizzy spells. 
You wouldn’t have noises of ringing of bells 
No searching the closets to find all your clothes 
No hunting for spectacles right on your nose.
No shots in the arm or the hip or the fanny 
By a doctor who thinks you’re a nervous old granny. 
Yes, if I were Santa these things I’d deliver 
The romance of Cupid with his little quiver. 
The lift of the heart when the wolves start to whistle 
The joys of the spirit as light as a thistle. 
But alas, I’m not Santa,
 I’m simply just me, 
The matroniest Matron you ever did see.
 I wish I could tell you the symptoms
 I’ve got 
But I’m due at the doctors’ right now for a shot.

Author Unknown

Yes, that Author Unknown has done it again...I am laughing and I hope you are too!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 27, Book 11

There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day. 

 Alexander Woolcott

On The 3rd day of Christmas..

One of the great opportunities we have these days is to savor the Christmas season. Christmas is not a single day; it's a season.  On this the 3rd day of Christmas I hope you are enjoying the season and all that it holds.  

Christmas is about more than shopping, TV specials, and yes, Santa Claus.  If we take time to enjoy our decorations and treats during the Christmas Season just maybe we'll find more of that Christmas spirit to keep in our hearts all year though.

December 27th: Day Three...Three French Hens...  

I did get a hen, but it was not a French one, Then hungry I got. So I ended up cooking it in  a great big pot.  So today my gift to you is 3 ideas to use that leftover chicken.  

It always feels great when we can make a meal go just as far as possible, and this is one of my favorite ways to stretch a whole chicken into three meals.  In addition to saving on the budget, it also saves a lot of prep time in the kitchen and makes it easy to plan meals for the week – perfect for these busy days!  In a pinch, you can buy a Rotisserie chicken from your favorite deli if you don’t have time to roast the chicken yourself. 

Serve the roasted chicken on the first night, reserve a 1/2 cup of shredded chicken for chicken pizza  or tacos on night two, and pick the bones clean then use all of the remaining chicken to make chicken noodle soup on the third night.

You know that at my house when I cook anything, I eat a lot of leftovers, but roast chicken has to be my favorite.

Hope your Tuesday is a TERRIFIC one!

'On Ya'-ma