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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chapter 11, Page 26, Book 11

SUPER SATURDAY / The decorating begins

Now that Thanksgiving is over it is time for me to take down all the Fall decorations here and begin to put up some Christmasy things.

The very first thing I get out is my Advent Wreath which will be set on the dining room table

The next thing that will come out of storage will be my Nativity set 

Then of course the Wreaths on the door has to be changed out too.  I keep one on both my front and back door.

So today I thought I'd just share a bit about Wreaths and why we like to adorn our homes with them.

One of the most popular holiday decorations is the Christmas Wreath. You will see Christmas Wreaths used in many different ways and in many different settings. It is common to see them on the stairway, hanging on walls or doors, or even as a centerpiece on a table. From individual homes to large corporate offices, Christmas Wreaths are a pleasant sight throughout the holiday season. But why do we use wreaths in our holiday decorations, and where did this tradition begin?

The term Wreath, curiously enough, is linked to our word Wrist, with both terms forming a continuous physical circular shape. It also came from Middle English's wrethe, meaning a twisted band or ring of leaves or flowers in a garland.  Putting plants into the symbolic circular shape symbolizes the strength of life overcoming the forces of winter. 

The ancient Druids are the first society in known history to have worn sprigs of holly and mistletoe. These priests of yesteryear believed that holly, with its glossy, shiny prickly leaves of green adorned with red berries, remained green all year due to their magical properties. The Druids considered Holly sacred. Many speculate the holly berries have given us our green and red colors of Christmas.

 By the 17th century, holly had become a grander part of Christmas celebrations, the Christmas Wreath, and holiday decorations once again. The shape of the wreath symbolized the crown of thorns put atop the head of Jesus Christ, as well as the resurrection and eternal life. Holly and Christmas Wreaths came to stand for peace, joy, and contentment.The circle or ring shape is symbolic of eternity or eternal life, because the shape has no beginning or end.

While there are many designs and styles of Christmas Wreaths, they mainly fall into two categories, the Decorative Christmas Wreath and the Advent Wreath.

While wreaths often decorate our homes for Christmas there is no reason why they shouldn't be used all the year round.  They can be used in any season.  But today I'll be having a SUPER Saturday here at my house putting up my Christmas Wreaths and setting my Advent Wreath out on the table.

I hope it's a SUPER Saturday at your your house too.

'On Ya' - ma


betty said...

I liked reading about the wreaths, Ma! Interesting! Seems like you got a good plan to start getting ready for the approaching Christmas holiday with wreaths, your nativity scene, etc!

Noticed a lot of people started putting up lights and outside decorations here. Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



I enjoyed hearing about the history of the wreath. I have a pine one centerpiece that I use year round but depending on the season I sit it down inside a wreath. During the fall the wreath is made of amber leaves, winter it is holly and berries or poinsettas. I find using wreathes as part of my centerpieces makes things more festive. I am still on a break, but find it hard not to comment each day. You and my blog buddies are my sweetvaddiction. LOL Take care.

jack69 said...

Thanks for the information on Wreaths. Looking forward to the Christmas season, the Most wonderful time of the YEAR!
I am sitting here trying to spell correctly and find my self asleep with lines of one letter across the box. hahahahahahahahaha

Buttercup said...

Enjoyed reading about the origin of the wreath.

Put me on the naughty list, too!

JeanJournal said...

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner. Merry Christmas to you especially because you teach something we need to know in every post. I learned something NEW! Thanks! Jean

JeanJournal said...

I read this post every day, ma, and it contributes to my having a blessed day. Jean