It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapter 11, Page 19, Book 11

When it comes to doing any task there are always three choices. We can either give up, give in or give it our all.

Author Unknown

There are occasionally going to be days or moments when you are giving all you’ve got and it still feels second best, or less than what you know you are capable of. 

Life can be downright overwhelming and intimidating, but giving life you all  is just that -- giving everything you have to give, while putting your whole self into whatever it is you are doing. This includes doing things even when you may be tired, cranky or coming from a less than ideal state of mind. The beautiful thing is though, when you are giving life your all, your best is always good enough.  

You can do something, or you can really do something. And how you do that something makes all the difference. You get what you pay for, so it makes sense to give your very best in every situation. 

Today I'm still making my way towards my goals, just not as quickly as I would like. 

I haven't given up. And I'm thankful for that

I'm not giving up, or giving in, but giving it my all.

Have a SUPER Saturday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


peggy said...

My grandmother always said she gave things "a lick and a promise". I was wondering if you ever heard that expression. Of course she said that but she really did everything the best she could. I think so too, if you put little in, you get little out. Hope your Saturday is a good day.

betty said...

I like that, Ma, to give our all, no matter what we are facing or going through! Great advice for a Saturday morning! I love the Maxine cartoon; she's sooo funny!

Whatever you do today, enjoy!


jack69 said...

As always, Good entry, good advice and good attitudes. hahaha

Yep, even when cranky, it is good to try your best. ha

Love, from a day that has turned out much better than it started. The wind is still giving the slide out awnings a fit. But this is a very nice park.

From Florida....


LOVING Maxine and her humorous quip. I know what you mean about getting your rear in gear to tackle the day. Usually I ache so much that I'm slow to get started. But today with your blogs encouragement and a stick with it attitude, I surprised myself by doing alot more than I intended. Hope you did too. Take care.

Anonymous said...

If you stop short of complete, you'll never know what you could've accomplished.