It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chapter 11, Page 16, Book 11


A little story to start the day.

A farm worker had got into the habit of not turning up on Monday mornings. This irritated the farmer, so one day he decided to have word with him: Look, here this habit of taking Mondays off will have to stop. You'll have to change your ways.

The following Monday morning the farm worker was back to the delight of the farmer but was missing again on the Tuesday morning. The farmer was furious:  What's the meaning of this? I thought you'd agreed to change your ways.

Oh I'm so sorry, replied the farm worker, I thought you said change your days.

Have you ever said something and wished you hadn't.  Or were your words misunderstood.  I know I've been there many times.

Sometimes it all comes down to one word and how we can misunderstand what's been said. So many arguments, friction and fighting often start over nothing. It can often come down to a few careless words, spoken without depth or thought. The damage they can do has lost many friendships. But one word can also make the world of a difference. 

Our words matter.  What we say has an impact not only on our selves but on everything around us.  Our words can shape our reality.  

The words we speak and we don't speak, it all matters.  Today I'm thankful that I can speak.  There are many that can't.    May we all use only wonderful words today...wonderful words of life.

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone!
'On Ya'-a


peggy said...

Sometimes lately I confuse words, did recently but the person just gave a big smile and must have understood. I see you have some happy times and some sad times in your family. Blessings to all this morning.

Hollie said...

So true! I try to always think before I speak, but there are those mishaps. I'm enjoying a wonderful Wednesday at home!

betty said...

What a cute silly story to make a point about our words, Ma. But you are right, our words do matter! We need to remember to choose them carefully and perhaps wait a bit before we say something and reevaluate if we really want to say it or not. I find that possibly can safe a lot of hurt feelings down the road or the need to apologize.

I hope Wednesday is a great one for you!


Sybil said...

Hi Ma, sorry that I have not been commenting lately...blame that facebook nonesense I have got myself into !!By teh time I attend to that and then my blogs I dot take time to comment...although I usually do read every day..and ALWAYS enjoy your wise words..
and thank God for your friendship.
Love Sybil xx

jack69 said...

Good entry, and yes I have said the wrong words, and have understood wrong, a word. Very frustrating and embarrassign some time.
We are now, on further South, near North Palm beach at a State park just off the inter-coastal waterway.
Love from Down near Tequesta, Florida.


So right about the power of words. We should think before we speak. A few careless words can really cut deep. My hubby's a little hard of hearing and often mistakes what is said. I'm constantly repeating. It makes for many misunderstandings. Take care.

Kath said...

This happened to me via an e.mail to someone in my family.They passed on the story,I had wrote only they spoke by word of mouth.Saying I was not going to bother with her anymore.When in actual fact,what I had said was .....I am not going to bother... VISITING.... her any more........This was for personal reasons the none visiting,but the missing word... VISITING... from her message by mouth, ended up causing a fall out of four very close Sisters and the three of them all turned there backs on me and took my one Sisters word.I know who spoke the truth and so does God,so I do not worry any more about it.So YES it is important we get our words correct Ma.That one word only!! I hope you have a lovely Thursday,Take Care God Bless Kath xx