It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chapter 11, Page 15, Book 11

TERRIFIC 2's Tuesday /Optimism and Gratitude

Someone once reminded me, The average pencil is seven inches long, and the eraser is only a quarter of an inch long - just in case you thought optimism was dead.

Positive thinking has become a way of life for me.  I don't think you can force yourself to be positive.  It's something inside of you that just seems to grow and grow when you just take the time to love what you do and to love those around you.  

It doesn't mean that all my days are rosy poesy.  It means that even if the day is one of the worst in my life there is something good to see in it.  I look for those bright spots and find them  every day.  

The past is behind us and each and every day brings something new.  If I dwell on what went wrong yesterday I spoil my chances of seeing what is good in today.   Sometimes the best way to deal with problems is just to relax and let things take there course. Life happens for all of us.  None of us is immune to the ups and downs that come our way.

 If everything always went my way then I'd not have the opportunity to grow and learn new things.    My way isn't always the best way and there is lots of new things to see and do.

Every day I take the time to look for those blessings, blessings that have come my way and to be thankful for them.  Every cloud has a silver lining and finding that bright side gives me something to focus on and gets me through any storms sent my way.

I like being around positive and happy people but just because they are happy isn't going to make me a happy person.  I think that being positive is something we all need to decide for ourselves.  Sometimes that takes just being fed up with being miserable.  That's the way it was for me.  Too many wrong things had happened in my life, but when I finally woke up and saw all the good things, it was the best feeling I could have ever possibly imagined.

I read a story about a man in a snow storm and as he was driving it was getting worse by the minute.  He was having a hard time seeing just where the road was.  He took an exit to a near by rest area and checked out his car.  He found that snow and ice had covered his headlights.  After freeing the coating of ice and snow he got back on the road and found the world to be a much brighter place.

Such is our lives.  Every day we get the choice to be miserable or happy. And if I make the choice to be happy it will be a much more joyful day.

Today I'm thankful for the miracle that occurred in my life and changed the way I think.  I call it a miracle because it was unbelievable how fast my life turned around

That's my 2 for this TERRIFIC Tuesday.  I hope that your day will be one filled with optimism and lots of gratitude.  Clear away the 'stuff' and the world will be a brighter place.

'On Ya'-ma


betty said...

I too like to be around positive people (though sometimes I'm not the most positive person myself) but I think if we are around negative people too much, it is draining and does affect how we feel. You gave great advice about it today, Ma!!

Have a wonderful day!


jack69 said...

Good entry Ma. The whole thing is a 'thinker'. I will forward this one to, to some one who desparately needs to be positive!!!
Sherry & Jack Beautiful day here. We move tomorrow, headed to a park on the beach. YEAH!!!

Scrappy quilter said...

I too like being around positive people. I'm a pretty positive person. Negative people tend to bring us down, don't they. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I find i'm usually positive within but sometimes the day itself ends up being a bust. But your right, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for in every day. At least one thing. I find bossy people are the type that bring me to my knees. They bark at you rather than talk with you. This grates my nerves so bad and then I become grouchy. No thank you. Good, no, great post! Tammy


You've got to look for those bright spots or where would you be. We were supposed to spend the holidays with my parents. They are up in age. I was so looking forward to it. But my husband got sick and now has taken a turn for the worst. So it looks like we won't be able to travel the 500 miles there. They think he has pneumonia. This isn't good news for someone with COPD. But his doc wants the current round of antibiotics my husbands on, to work through his system before they consider hospitalizing him. On top of this he needs a pacemaker installed too. He's refusing. I'm being as positive as I can be under the circumstances but he is being horrid. I agree you can't FORCE positive thinking on people. They have to come to their own realization about it or make themselves miserable. Sorry I wrote so much. What you said touched a nerve, today. take care.

grammy said...

Just caught up...
had a good laugh about the man on the roof. Actually, I wouldn't doubt that something like that happened for real (o:
You indeed are a positive person and blogger friend. Thanks for putting such good vibes out here (o: