It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chapter 11, Page 13, Book 11

R and R Sunday / A time for introspection

introspection n. Contemplation of one's own thoughts, feelings, and sensations; self-examination.

We are beginning to return to some personal quiet before the great introspection of the winter time.
Autumn invites us to turn inward and shed what no longer serves us.

When I look over the course of my life, how is it that I want it to turn out? 

Just like the old leaves on the tree that know it's time to take the leap and float to their final resting place, so there are behaviors, habits, beliefs and negative thoughts that are ready to be released from the tree of our minds.

When the days are shorter, the sunlight is less direct and the air is cold, we are supposed to want to do less, sleep more, gain a little weight. A friend of mine lives where they know a few things about dealing with winter and says, Maybe winter is a time for introspection. Fighting that, we can feel depressed.

Like the deciduous trees, it's a time to practice letting go. To ask your self what possessions you have that you no longer need and gently let them go. Find them another home where they can be useful to someone else.  Prune back your activities as we head towards the quiet of winter. Stop doing what no longer nourishes the soul. Create some empty space in which, in time, something new can grow.

Autumn is also a time that we should be able to savor the sweetness of life and be thankful for what we have received and accomplished. It is truly a time of gratitude.

 It’s just common sense that when there’s less sunlight people tend to have less energy and adopt a quieter, slower pace. Don’t fight that. Work with it.  Build more reflective time into the day at home. Curl up and read a good book, perhaps a quiet spiritual one you’ve always meant to read

With respect to the slower rhythms, we can really explore Advent this year! It is a traditional way of entering the winter season with reflection and contemplation; shifting gears, as we should.  The first Sunday after Thanksgiving Advent will begin and I'll be having a lot to say about that later on.

The stark days of Winter lies ahead of us. Life is always prepared to render up its next challenge, but we need not fear the natural cycle of things. If we take stock, prepare & remember, we can weather any winter.

I'll be taking time out this Sunday to think about what needs letting go of and what I'm truly thankful for.  Today I'm thankful for the time to just sit awhile and think about all these things.

Rest and Relax,spend some time today by taking some time out.

'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

This time of year...I refer to liking to "nest!" I love being in the comfort of my home with a warm fire & something hearty to eat. Nothing like a pot of homemade soup, chili or some kind of stew!

peggy said...

Thanks for this post. It really hit home with me and was exactly what I have been needing to hear. How did you know?

( My leaves were raked yesterday while I was at the craft show. My DIL Lisa did those, and my daughter PJ helped me with the show! Happy Sunday Ma!)

betty said...

I like this thought of taking the autumn and winter to be introspect. Isn't it great that God designed such a time for us to have to think, rest, restore ourselves? We often look with dread at the cold weather and the shorter days, but they can be so useful if we do look at them as a time to regroup and think on our lives. Very good thoughts, Ma!

Enjoy the day! After our massive amount of rain yesterday, its blue skies and sunny weather this Sunday morn!


jack69 said...

Very good thoughts of Autumn I had not considered. Thanks.
Time to take another look. Hope your day continues well.

Sending you Love from Florida. Nice here today mid-upper 70's.

Attended a large church today, normally we pick a small one. Good service though!


Wonderful points. Contemplation of my thoughts at this time of year comes more naturally. I don't know why? I have alot of things I have been hanging onto and have decided to finally let go of them. It's a start. Take care.