It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Chapter 10, Page 9, Book 11

Peace of mind comes when you appreciate what you have, instead of focus on what’s missing

R and R Sunday

People love stories. They love to hear them. They love to tell Stories of grand adventures. Stories of everyday life. Stories of miracles and stories of tragedies. Stories  that make you want to stand up and cheer

Our blogs are very often like stories we read.  Our lives are filled with all the things that make for many a best seller.  Our own stories are unique from any written by another person and what we have to say is important.  I'm always amazed at the things I learn from other people.  Sharing with others is so important.  We've all got a lot to give and a lot to learn.  

When ever we meet and make friends, we tell our stories.  I've made some long lasting friends and their stories have broadened my life in ways that no one else could have done.  I think it gives me peace of mind to know that something I share might help someone else just as their stories have inspired or touched my life in some way.

Pieces, Snippets, Small tales of our lives all add up to tell about our lives and our dreams and our hopes.  And very often peace does come in the telling as we can sort out our thoughts too, when we write them down. 

My little part of the world is just beautiful right now with fall proclaiming it's story.  Leaves are falling rapidly and making a blanket on the ground.  It's my day of R and R and with all the wonderful sights and smells of the outdoors combined with some unseasonably warm weather, it seems it couldn't be more perfect.

I hope your Sunday is a day to rest and relax and perhaps share a story!

'On Ya'-ma 


betty said...

I agree with you, Ma, peace can often come as we share our stories, whether through written word or telling them to others. I think it can also bring healing and comfort to others, who might be facing similar issues or had faced similar issues!

I'm sure you will enjoy your day today!


Martha said...

The things you share with us here, at The Motivation Station, and in your kind comments are always such an inspiration. Have a wonderful Sunday! ((Hugs))

jack69 said...

Again, you say the truth about tales. No matter where you go, or who you meet, it is life's stories that tie you together.

In the navy we called them Sea stories. hahaha

From Florida,
Sherry & jack
PS: Hope the rest of your R&R is good, we are in a steady rain here for a day or so seems like.


Blogging makes the world go 'round. Wonderful stories to share with each other. And you are right, so much to learn. Enjoy your day of resting and relaxing.

Buttercup said...

Glorious here today. Reminded my why I love the autumn. Wishes for a bright and lovely autumn week.