It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Chapter 10, Page 8, Book 11


This weekend my daughter and I are the only ones from our family camping.  So since we have a day to ourselves we decided to take a trip into the heart of Amish country here in Ohio.  We happen to be just a few short miles from there but rarely take the time away from our campsites to visit some of towns located around here.  

If you feel the need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or you want to enjoy rolling hills and well cared for farmsteads, come to Ohio Amish Country, home of the largest Amish settlement in the world.

Ohio Amish Country is a 3-5 county area of Ohio where approximately 40,000 Amish people live and work.There are many reasons to come here.  We enjoy the restaurants - mostly Amish cookin' made from scratch.  The bakeries are just out of this world.  There are lots and lots of craft shops and some of the best cheese in the world is made here.  There are quilt shops everywhere.  For these people quilts are a way of life and also beautiful pieces of art.  Furniture shops abound.  Some of the finest quality heirloom furniture is also made by the Amish.  

People from all over arrive in busloads to these little towns.  Tours can be taken of the Amish farms and you can find out about how they live and why they live the way they do.

Our main purpose will be shopping and eating some of that good food too.

It'll be a Super Saturday here.  I hope your day is a SUPER one too.

'On Ya'-ma


betty said...

Wow, Ma, thanks for sharing this. I obviously know about Amish, but didn't realize there was an Amish Country like this with tourns, etc. I bet it is an educational experience for some who come to learn about the Amish way of life. I think it is neat you and your daughter will have this day and camping time together!! Enjoy!



Your trip into the heart of Amish country sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. So much to do and see. Enjoy all that good food. I hope you come home with some real treats.

jack69 said...

We have enjoyed the Amish in several states. We are always amazed at the basic life, funny sometimes we long for that pace, but not seriously.

In Missoui we have enjoyed stopping at a farm that advertised fresh bread and butter. or getting a Sho-fly pie in PA.

Yep it is mainly the bakery goods that are impressive. hahaha

Cool rainy day here but nice in the Camper.
Sending love from Florida.
Sherry & Jack

Jean said...

I don't think we have any Amish around here sure wish we did. I think that would be something I would enjoy doing. I've read and heard so much about the good food they have. I hope you and your daughter will have a bless weekend.Jean

Sybil said...

I know I musn't be jealous but can I maybe be just a little bit ? I woudl just love to be able to visit an Aimish community. I have read so much about them, in fact I was reading about a community only last night in a book that Mary bought me yesterday..Oh to have one of these quilts...quite breathtaking..I am so glad that you had the time to go and just be at peace with you daughter, what a special time.
Love Sybil xx