It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, October 07, 2011

Chapter 10, Page 7, Book 11

In what you say of another, apply the test of kindness, necessity and truth, and let nothing pass your lips without a 2/3 majority.  

Liz Armbruster


It's going to be one fantastic day here in Ohio.  Our weather is going to be at it's best, warm and sunny.   Today is one that you just can't help but be happy.  But I know that even on one of the sunniest nicest days we 'll probably have this fall, it is easy to fall into the trap of talking about negative things, problems, disappointments, and struggles. But none of that helps.  

The more we think and talk about our problems, the weaker we become, but we are strengthened when we talk and think about what is good in our lives.  Life is not always easy; we all face difficulties at times. We all feed on our own words so it is very important to speak good words that are full of life.  Words and thoughts can overcome even a dreary rainy day.

It's also to easy to talk about the faults of others.  Too easy it seems.  I read a quote once that said, We should only look down on people when we are trying to help them up.  It's so great when we can lift someone up.  Just a kind word or a smile goes such a long way.  It is a blessing for both the giver and receiver.

Today is a fantastic day!  I won't be letting any negative thinking or talk change that for me.  

Hope your Friday is a FANTASTIC one too.

'On Ya'-ma


betty said...

I like this, Ma, it is true, the more we think and talk about our problems, the weaker we do become, we get depressed, anxious, worried, etc. I guess that's why they say there is power in positive thinking.

Glad the weather is going to be a good one for you today! Enjoy!


jack69 said...

Oh how I like that quote you slipped in:
You should only look down on people when you are helping.

I love that. We are too often opposite as people and a nation.

take care Ma, our weather here is cloudy and cool very nice for Florida.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Have a FANTASTIC weekend..!!


Jean said...

I'm glad you are enjoying some nice weather. I hope you have a great day, Jean.


I think talking about your problems helps to work through them. I've never considered myself weaker because of it, more vunerable perhaps. But you are right to say we must focus on the positive. Sounds like you are having wonderful weather. ENJOY the weekend.

Pat MacKenzie said...

It's a fantastic Friday here in Alberta too. Thanks for reminding me to have a positive attitude.