It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, October 28, 2011

Chapter 10, Page 28, Book 11

FANTASTIC FRIDAY / Bloom Where You are Planted

It's in the Valley we Grow

Sometimes life seems hard to bear,
Full of sorrow, trouble and woe
It's then we have to remember
That it's in the valleys we grow.

If we always stayed on the mountain top
And never experienced pain,
We would never appreciate God's love
And would be living in vain.

We have so much to learn
And our growth is very slow,
Sometimes we need the mountain tops,
But it's in the valleys we grow.

We do not always understand
Why things happen as they do,
But I am very sure of one thing.
My Lord will see me through.

The little valleys are nothing
When we picture Christ on the cross
He went through the valley of death;
His victory was Satan's loss.

Forgive me Lord, for complaining
When I'm feeling so very low.
Just give me a gentle reminder
That it's in the valleys I grow.

Continue to strengthen me, Lord
And use my life each day
To share your love with others
And help them find their way.

Thank you for the valleys, Lord
For this one thing I know
The mountain tops are glorious
But it's in the valleys I grow!

Have a blessed day 

Here in northern Ohio we don't have many valleys ....there are few but mostly you have to either go east, or south to find a valley.  We have plenty of flat land and the farmers seem to love that as you see corn and soybean fields stretching out for miles.  Much of what won’t grow on the mountain tops will flourish in the valleys.

It is challenging to go through hard times, but these are the places where we grow. Not much can grow on a mountain top, but much of what nourishes us does grow in the valleys. As times get tough we grow inside and produce the most incredible fruit. We discover resources that we never knew were available to us, become more confident beings and learn to lean on faith

Some days you're the bug; other days you're the windshield...that's really the way it is, isn't it.

Sometimes we feel invincible and other days totally powerless.  All of this is part of life, but the truth is we need both the peaks and valleys.  We grow most from the lessons we learn in the valley.  The mountaintops, in addition to being more fun, give us the energy and confidents to sustain us through the tough times.

Today, it seems I'm on a mountain top and I'm relishing the view, but I've been in the valley of despair many times.  And what I've learned is that you really do have to make the most of what you have in life.  There is a reason and a season for everything under the sun.

Lessons From Trees

It's important to have roots
In today's complex world, it pays to branch out
If you really believe in something , don't be afraid to go out on a limb
Be flexible so you don't break when a harsh wind blows
Sometimes you have to shed your old bark in order to grow
If you want to maintain accurate records, keep a log
It's okay to be a late bloomer
Avoid people who would like to cut you down
As you approach the autumn of your life, you will show your true colors.  You could be Brilliant!
In other words, bloom where you are planted and make the best of what you've got!

Every day can be FANTASTIC if you have learned well the lessons found in the valleys. 

Have a FANTASTIC Friday everyone!  BLOOM!

Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning
how to dance in the rain.

'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning
how to dance in the rain.

I love the statement above!! It IS SO TRUE!! Those valleys sure do make you appreciate those mountain tops!!

I'm having a wonderful day here at the home front!! I'm enjoying God's beautiful scenery He has provided me with just ooutside my windows!! The leaves are just showing out this year!! I love it!!

jack69 said...

You are right, some of us can dance in the rain, because we know it will soon be over.
Another good entry from up there. We did love the country as we drove thru, we love farm land, knowing that feeds many people.

It was neat also seeing the barns painted with OHIO in huge letters.
From Florida, love..


"It's in the valleys we grow." I love that quote so much. It really sums up life. Your header photo is gorgeous. And so are the other ones. I just like it best. I can picture myself in that scene. Take care.

betty said...

Totally agree we seem to grow more in valleys! I'm glad life is not all valleys and all mountains, but God has a way of doing a little of both in our lives so that we can grow through valleys, rest on mountains. Glad you are enjoying your mountains these days Ma!


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post I was meant to come read. I had no idea this blog was here. I mean, I knew it's in your list. But I didn't realize the content. I shall follow this one too!

Wonderful post.

Midlife Mom said...

AMEN SISTER!!!!! Loved this post, it's so true we do grow in the valleys. Life wasn't meant to always be easy was it? Some of the hardest things that I have been through are the ones that I am most thankful for now as I learned to lean on the Father!