It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chapter 10, Page 22, Book 11


It's said that the opening of a book is extremely important. The writer needs to engage his readers from the outset, filling them with a desire to read more.  Well, here is the more for today.

Life is like a book with many chapters we call seasons. Some chapters tell the story of love, drama, comedy, mystery, loss, adversity, growth, ..Some chapters are dull and ordinary, others intense and exciting. The key to enduring, persevering and being hopeful is to never stop on a difficult page, to never quit on a book or a chapter that seems too long. Some chapters may be sweet but too short. Your words, thoughts, actions, non-action and choices are the pens that write the pages in your book. Have the courage and faith to keep turning the pages believing better chapters lie ahead.

Life is like a book; Don’t jump to the end to see if it’s worth it. Just enjoy life and fill the pages with beautiful and amazing memories.

That is exactly what I try and do each day here in my journal.  I never know from one day till the next what I might find to share with you all.  Some days I post the thoughts and quotes of others, somedays the thoughts are all my own.  But what ever this book can be sure that it reflects some how and some way what is new at my house each day.

Today is Chapter 10, Page 22, Book 11....October 22nd, 2011.  I'm closing the camper and then heading home.

It’s a new day of  my life.
I can’t turn back the pages to fix it.
Because it’s already done.
I can’t edit a book that’s already been written and published.
I'll just flip the pages, and keep writing
Every chapter will bring you something new.
It's a SUPER day here at my house...Hope your Saturday is a SUPER one too!

I'll be back tomorrow, God willin'... with a new page for you.

'On Ya'-ma


betty said...

Liked how you wrote this, Ma, and the analogy of our lives compared to a book; I'm glad that we have the best Author if we allow him to write our book with us! I kind of thought today was the day you closed up the camper, but I couldn't remember for sure. I'm sure as you are preparing it for winter, you'll remember the memories written there on your heart, and then look forward to treasuring those memories like a fine book, over the months ahead!


jack69 said...

Uh HUH! Great thoughts from the last day at the CampGround.
I like the metaphore.

I like your attitude, great comparison, you cannot change a word in your life already written, but you can remember. If it was a mistake, you can reread that page and make a change in the next chapter.

Wandering mentally, as I remember the post. Cool here, but pretty outside, just the time for a campfire.
From Florida to Ohio,
Sherry & Jack.

grammy said...

Is it really as pretty there right now as that picture? I am loving Fall. It is suppose to get ugly...snowy and cold on tuesday...of course Halloween will be cold and wet (o:
My Mom always read the last chapter first. I hate that... I never cheat that way!!!
Enjoy your new internet.
I am on my way to Walmart...before I get tired and don't want to go!!!


So sad to have to say goodbye to your little piece of heaven in the woods. Next year will be here soon enough and camping will return. I'm sure you have other things to fill the pages of your life until then. Take care.