It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chapter 10, Page 16, Book 11

Happiness is...a lazy Sunday

R and R Sunday

Achievement and accompishment are good for us and good for our health and happiness, but so is rest and relaxation.  We all need time for  some TLC. Don’t feel guilty; it helps you be your best -- and that helps everyone else in your life.

This is why the art of doing nothing is so vital and why, if we want to be healthy and happy, we need to find ways to convince ourselves or allow ourselves to do it without feeling guilty and in fact to enjoy it so we do it more. 

Who could argue against one day out of seven filled with peace, quiet and relaxation to just unwind and recharge the biological batteries. If we could give just about everyone the day off on Sunday, we'd no doubt be healthier, and better prepared both mentally and physically to charge into the new work week.

Most Sundays during the camping season are spent at my Little Place in the Woods.  That is it in the header picture of my blog.  Two of my children and their families have campers on the right of where my camper sets.  In front of my camper is our communal picnic table and over in front of my daughters camper sets the campfire surrounded by our comfortable chairs.  In front of my son's camper there is an open grassy area available for games and romps with the children and the dogs.  

It's a perfect place just to relax.  But during the other months of the year when I'm at home on Sundays I often like to fix Sunday dinner for any of my family than can come by and just relax for a while.  They all lead busy lives with thier families so I try to give them a little down time just to rest awhile too.

There are only 2 more camping Sundays left for us this year.  I'm enjoying them to the fullest and baring bad weather this is where I'll be.  Still the R and R will continue no matter.  

I hope your Sunday is filled with some good R and R too.

'On Ya'-ma


betty said...

Wow, just two more camping weekends! The season sure did go by fast, Ma! Enjoy them!


Buttercup said...

Some very good relaxation. I will be spending time with my college roommate. We'll be doing a little craft shopping -- I've got the coupons ready -- and we'll have lunch. Hope you have a great Sunday!

jack69 said...

Ahhhh, the three campers seem like the ideal set up, Eat, visit and play.

I know you are hating to see it end for another year. Just chatted with campers from Ohio, they said they came early because, in their neck of the woods, it was already starting to get COLD!

Enjoy the day, as we know you will.


I have a daughter who has perfected the art of doing nothing. Perhaps I should follow suit. LOL Your campsite sounds so wonderful. Make the most out of what time you have left there. I'm glad you and your family get to share the experience. Take care.

Kath said...

How time goes by so quickly Ma.It doesn't seem two minutes since you were opening up your camper again.Make the best of the next two weeks.Winter is a long one Brrrr.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Barbara said...

You are very blessed to get to spend so much time with your family.