It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, April 08, 2011

Chapter 4, Page 8, Book 11

Fantastic Friday/ Have you had your HUG today?

A hug: Priceless.

In today’s world, we become increasingly distant from one another physically. We’re all too aware of personal space to a point where we don’t embrace each other.

What can you do today to improve your health and the health of loved ones? A simple hug may do the trick.

Affection expressed through hugging is therapeutic and fulfills our basic, human need for touching or being touched. It also relaxes us and lowers our blood pressure. In essence, affectionate touching can improve and prolong our lives.

I haven’t always been a hugger. That’s not how I was raised. But all that changed when I learned three valuable lessons:

We are created by love

We are created to love

We are lovable – every single one of us

I’ve changed over the years and and have learned to love the value of giving and receiving hugs. Not only does hugging feel great, it’s good for our hearts, too

Hugs are heartwarming and can have the effect of leaving one energized and rejuvenated.

Hugging reduces tension and stress, aids the immune system, helps with sleep, assists in building self-esteem and best of all has no negative side effects. When we open our hearts and arms to others, we inspire them to do likewise

They supply our souls with the nutrients of affection that we all need for our mental health, and emotional well-being

Lenten Tip for today: give someone you meet today a really good hug


I hope your Friday is a FANTASTIC one, YOU are loved!

'On Ya'-ma


Scrappy quilter said...

Isn't it interesting how many of us were'nt raised to be huggers. I'm one of them too. I've had to learn to give's not easy for me. Another wonderful post. Hope you have a wonderful Fri. I'm assuming you'll soon be camping?? Hugs

grammy said...

Hugs are important (o:
Thanks for your comment at my place. You have been through a hard time so I appreciate your words. The neighbor has one grown daughter but no grands and no other family at all that she is close to anyway. My own mother was a widow from the time I was three....she lived for her children...I do know now that she went through time of depression. On our last walk, she ranted about how she didn't believe in God...but goes on to say, God has done nothing but hurt us and make bad things happen to us. So...she believes down deep somewhere. Sorry about the ramble (o:

betty said...

We are indeed loved, aren't we Ma?

good advice about giving hugs and being the recipient of hugs too! sometimes when words fail us, a hug can speak so much words :)



I have always been a tactile person. But it's amazing how uncomfortable some people are about hugs. Good advice today.

jack69 said...

YOU are RIGHT about the hug. I got mine tonight the first in a couple weeks. Been trying to keep the bug from spreading from me to Sherry to her Brother.
We drove thru the raint Ohio today, but did find Spring in Tennessee.
Love from Raccoon Valley RV Park.
Sherry & Jack