It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Chapter 4, Page 5, Book 11

April Showers bring May Flowers

It's Terrific 2's Tuesday!

Some people are just surviving each day. It's a daily battle for them to simply get out of bed and face another day in that office or classroom or plant or hospital or truck or bus or whatever environment they're in. Even those of us at home can sometime find ourselves without any drive or motivation to do much.

Making every day the best it can be means that we sometimes have to have shot in the arm, something that will perk us up in order to thrive. Just like the Spring Rains turn everything green and things begin to bloom and blossom and grow, we need something in our lives that keep us blooming and growing too. To succeed in realizing our goals and dreams we need to Thrive

In the dictionary the Definition of THRIVE is:

to grow or develop successfully : to flourish or succeed
: to grow vigorously

to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

I've done my share of surviving and not thriving, and I learned most of my lessons through failure and experience

One thing I've learned is that we do have to BLOOM where we are planted. We are placed

in the circumstances that we are in for a reason, and we can choose to make the best of the situation we are in.

Sometimes a little fertilizer is needed but where we are is often where we are meant to be.

I like to treat myself well and I although I live on a limited budget since I've retired, I found a few things that are like fertilizer to my body and my soul that are reasonably inexpensive and that do make me bloom.

Going shopping with my daughter, even if I don't buy much

Going out to lunch with my friends,
Visiting with my sisters
Browsing around at a craft store
A good soak in a bubble bath, and an Ice cream cone...they are what I call my instant trip to the beach.

The present moment always offers us the ground in which we can take root and open our hearts. What this means is that we live fully, wherever we are, not hesitating because conditions are not perfect. Perhaps you have been waiting for your circumstance to change before you can be happy...It's time to stop waiting.

When the going gets rough, our challenge is to get going. To do our best. Then, leave the rest up to God. May He grant you the grace to bloom where you are planted.

Lenten Tip for the day:

PRAY for God’s love to be felt and experienced by everyone on earth.

Thats my 2 for this Tuesday -- Thrive and Bloom!

I hope wherever you find yourself today, you can bloom too.
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

'On Ya'-ma


Bookncoffee said...

Very nice entry. Good fertilizer for us this morning! lol

Have a great day.

Kath said...

I loved this post Ma.I have always believed God puts you where he thinks you should be.No matter where he has planted me,I have always tried to bloom even when the going was tough.I have missed my fertilizer this last month though.Reading your blog Heeeee !!No I mean that realy I do.Thankyou for keeping me going with your inspirational posts.Have a lovely day.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

jack69 said...

Reminds me of the childhood song, "This little light of Mine".

May the best of every situation, that is what we must do.
Sherry & Jack

Scrappy quilter said...

This is such an encouraging post. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs

Kathy said...

Wonderful post Ma. I think you gave me that shot in the arm to be more thankful for where I am now and to bloom where I am planted.

betty said...

I think you wrote this for me today, Ma! I can certainly use everything you said in here and put it to good use in my life and try to bloom where I am planted!!


Buttercup said...

So agree with you. As I get ready to retire I'm looking at the things I like to do that aren't expensive and find that many of them are my favorite things. Coffee with a friend, reading, a walk on a spring day. Have a wonderful Wednesday!