It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Chapter 4, Page 3, Book 11

When you get older, lack of pep is often mistaken for patience

R and R Sunday - Slow Down be Patient

Without patience, we get all stressed out and nothing flows smoothly.
It's difficult to slow down as the world races away, leaving us behind to wave off its churning cloud of dust? As we stand patiently watching the world shrink into the distance, it is time for us to revisit the value of this highly praised attribute, because at the rate we are running to keep up with the world, it can be easy to believe that we simply have no time for patience.

Impatience is like a disease. It starts with a single mutated cell, or aspect of our perception, and then spreads as far and wide in our minds as it can, until it has replaced contentment with stress, relaxation with unease, and joyful moments with others into miserable situations.
Patience is the ability to Slow Down. In this busy world it may seem contrary to our understanding, but there are benefits of patience that can make our lives better at any pace. Patience does force us to slow down while we are in a hurry. There are times when slowing down is exactly what is necessary for our peace of mind, for our safety, and simply for our own good.

Spring is very slow in coming our way here in Northern Ohio and w
e would be wise to take a lesson from nature and to realize that it is possible to live our lives too fast and ferociously, when in many instances slowing can deliver even more beautiful results

Lenten Tip for Today:

Take the time to realize that life is what we make of it, and that even when we slow down or stop, the rewards of patience outweigh any that are found in a continuous mad rush.

The pace of the world can be truly exhausting. It is a race that seems to move faster with every passing day, but it is also a world where patience and love are greatly needed. It is important to work hard and to strive for our best in all that we do, but it is equally important to recognize that there are times when slowing down is better for everyone.

I hope your Sunday is filled with lots of that good R and R and that you can slow down a bit today. I'm off to church as usual and will be praying for you all !

'On Ya'-ma


Midlife Mom said...

What a wonderful post and so appropriate for this day and age. I agree, things get way too busy and it seems like we all are in a great big rush so much of the time. I think of the days when I was a child when we used to lay on the lawn and just watch the clouds go by and say what we thought they looked like. We need more of that and I try to instill that into my grand kids and do the fun, easy, slower paced things of times past.

Again, great post! Time to go to church!!

Hollie said...

I agree! The world is turning at such a fast pace. I remember back when I was a kid....we visited family & friends on Sunday afternoons. That doesn't happen now days. It's kinda sad because everyone is so busy doing other things.

Scrappy quilter said...

This is definitely one area I need to work on. I'm not a patient person, in fact I'm pretty bad with it. I'm working on it..I am. Yet I want things done yesterday rather than waiting. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing Sunday. Hugs

betty said...

Wisely timely advice, Ma! I was on another person's blog last night who was talking about Bushmen and one of the things she mentioned about them was that they enjoy leisure, they take time to sit around, telling stories, being with family and friends. We need to take a lesson from that and slow down, be patient and enjoy being patient. I think that is why God said "Be still and know I am God." Just be still and patient :)

I hope you enjoy your R and R day today!


Rose said...

Great Post!

We all need to learn to have more patience is this hurried world filled with hardship, it is so easy to get stressed out.

Hugs, Rose

Buttercup said...

I'm having a terrific, lovely r and r day! Besides a few little errands I've had a wonderful time visiting my blog friends. No rush and good company. The day has given me time to be a friend and what a joy that is. I'm asking spring to drop down your way. I'm seeing lots of crocus here!

Jean said...

Great post! Ma. I've been so busy the past week I took the time to read all my blog friends post just didn't get to comment.We are having some beautiful weather here in South Alabama it makes me want to just stay Take care.Jean


Patience is a virtue. But most of us don't appreciate it. I've been sick most of last night and today and all I've wanted to do is get better. I have no patience for this bug that is ravaging my body.