It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chapter 4, Page 19, Book 11


On this Tuesday of Holy Week...

I'm thinking I don't have enough fingers or toes to count all the times someone close to me has hurt my feelings. Very often we run to someone else to tell them about what happened. We tend to think others can fix all our problems. I've learned that they can't and most of time they really don't want to hear your problems anyway.

People have enough of their own problems without stopping to help solve ours. Good friends may be willing to listen, but they can't fix the problem. We would be so much better off if our response to every emergency and every kind of emotional pain were to pray.

I start every day with a prayer. I know that I'll need His help and strength every day so I choose to start the day off with the best help I can get.

Lenten tip for Holy Wednesday: PRAY for the willingness to follow God’s will.

At my house one of the things on the Easter menu will be deviled eggs and that means I'm also going to have some empty eggshells available. I found out a fun way to use them:

Rest eggshell halves filled with soil in egg carton. Plant a marigold, petunia, or grapefruit seed in each or even grass seed for fastest results. Water and then place in sunny window.

I've read about a lot people starting seeds now inside to plant later out side. Just as Easter is certainly a powerful message of new life for us, seeds often provide a clear message for us of that power of new life too.

That's my 2 for this Tuesday! Prayer and Seeds

I hope your day is a TERRIFIC one!

'On Ya'-ma



Hurt feelings can eat away at you. I've learned to just let them go. I also say my prayers each and every day, no matter what. Great tip. You had a unique way to plant seeds. I may try it.

betty said...

That's a good tip for the egg shells, Ma. I hadn't heard of that before. Should be fun to try sometime!! Deviled eggs are always so delicious too!!

Again, I like your Lenten tip on what to pray. So many of us want God's will and then when we are in God's will, we sometimes don't want to do it willingly. Again, timely advice indeed!

have a good day!


grammy said...

I have my egg shells saved and was waiting for some grass seed. Maybe I should use a different seed (o:
The little's and I cut off the top of a carrot and put it in a little is suppose to has NOT. Oh well.

Kathy said...

Great advice to pray rather than run to a friend to tell about hurt feelings. I also like the little egg shell seed starters. I am thinking about making deviled eggs too.

Jean said...

While I was still working we didn't have much time to talk with each other, but when we did I had Co-workers tell me many things because they needed some one to talk with and tell their feeling to that they could trust and I was there to listen I did not say anything. To this day what they told me is safe I've never told anyone. Some times I wish I had some one I trusted to talk to, Why do I think that is impossible?

Hollie said...

So true about hurt feelings! Great idea about the egg shells! I've never thought about that! Thanks for sharing!