It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chapter 4, Page 17, Book 11

Expanding my world and a day of R and R

I'm at home most days of the week, but one day I had to run some errands on the other side of town and much to my amazement the forsythia was blooming over there. I guess we don't have any on my street so I hadn't seen any yet this Spring. How wonderful it was to see the blaze of gold when I was driving down the road. Just a year ago, I was still working I was out and about more and saw more. It's not good to have such a tiny corner of the world that you don't see much.

There were also yards with colorful Easter egg trees in them and delightful plastic bunnies everywhere. My neighborhood must still be stuck in winter as I've not seen any decorations anywhere.

It is great to be able to get out and see what others are doing. You can imagine my whole outlook on the day brightened just seeing the cheerful colors of the forsythia and the Easter egg trees.

It made me think that maybe I should be doing more here at my house to brighten the day for others. So today I'm going to hunt up the silk flowers I have stuck away for safekeeping and put them out in the flower box on the front porch and I believe I also have a colorful Easter flag to hang off the flag pole on the front porch too. I might even have a stuffed bunny or two to add to the decorations. We'll see.

Making the world a more cheerful place and brightening anthers day doesn't really take much at all and I'm going to try to do my part.

I'll be off to church this morning as usual and will be praying for you all!

Lenten tip for today: Pray about the most recent situation you can think of where your actions upset someone you know.

I hope your Sunday is filled with some of that wonderful R and R that we all need so much. Brighten your world and you'll shine brighter too!

'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

I know that did brighten your day! I love looking at other people's houses & seeing what they are using to decorate!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks....your post are always.."right on the money"....brighting up my surrounds should pull me out of the weather funk i was in yesterday...!!


betty said...

Always enjoy seeing forsythias when they bloom! I think that is a wonderful idea to get some decorations out for people to enjoy as they travel through your neighborhood. I know when we walk Koda in neighborhoods, I always like to see what is going on with decorations, etc.

I can imagine it is different with you not going out daily to see what is up in your town as compared to when you had to go out for work. It is too bad too that gas prices are creeping up that we sometimes have to limit how often we go out exploring.

enjoy the day!



I used to put up colorful seasonal flags before we replaced the front windows and soffits. Now I don't have anyplace to hang them. I bet yours will be warm and inviting. Sounds like just the thing to add a little color and brighten up the porch for others to see.

Jean said...

I like to get out and just ride around and look to see other people’s decorations, but haven't done much decorating myself. It's a little cool here in south Alabama but nice and sunny out. I hope you have a beautiful day, Jean.

Kathy said...

Have a Blessed Sunday today Ma. I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods, here in mine it isn't. I am looking forward to this rainy and cold weather to be over with and the sunshine to come and stay.

Scrappy quilter said...

I love looking at other people's homes too. There aren't decorations for Easter outside where I live, only inside and not many at that. We won't see plants blooming for another 3 weeks or so and those will be tulips and daffodils. Then everyone will be out walking and enjoying them. It's cold here today with flurries and the promise of flurries all night tonight. Hopefully we will begin to see signs of spring soon, although the baby calves are being born and that is always the sign of spring here. Hugs

Buttercup said...

We had a beautiful spring day here today. Got up to the Tulip Festival in the neighborhood and enjoyed walking. Enjoy seeing the photo of your house.

Sybil said...

I hope that you did get some of your Easter decorations up when you got home from church today. That is a thing I loved about Canada and The US was the way everyone seemed to decorate their porches etc for the seasons. It is something that is never done over here...(other than the occasional wreath at Christmas)...I am so thankful that our spring has come indeed it has been so warm last two weeks that we are being hoodwinked into thinking it is summer, and I know we will have some cold frosty days ahead...All our spring blooms are out in fact some have now gone over..
HAve a lovely week
Love Sybil xx