It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chapter 4, Page 16, Book 11


It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Start each day with a clear to-do list along with your cup of morning coffee. Knowing what you need to do in the day ahead helps keep you on track.

Spend time with yourself each day. Spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order

Keep a calendar with commitments. Having a visual reminder in front of you can be extremely helpful

Make a list of priorities and do what makes you happy. Work toward achieving them as much as possible

Make laughter a priority. Laughter counts as exercise and has been shown to expand your life span

Live in the present, not the past. The past is over. Move on and enjoy every moment as it occurs

SIMPLE WAYS TO cut corners that make a big difference money wise as they add up

Get out your library card and put it to good use!

Don't OVERuse your shampoo, conditioner, toothpase, don't need that much product.

Freeze your gym membership and try working out at home or the playground.

Instead of an evening out, invite friends over to your place.

Save on cut flowers by buying a blooming houseplant such as a begonia, kalanchoe or flowering maple.

Give charitably


Be polite, but don’t try to be friends with everyone around you. Instead, spend time nurturing your relationships with the people who matter most to you

Live below your means. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Always sleep on big purchases. Create a budget and savings plan and stick to both of them

Don’t try to please everyone. Just do what you know is right.

Always be honest with yourself and others.

Say I love you to your loved ones as often as possible.

Lenten tip for today: PRAY for those without basic amenities

Living the simple life is easy to do . I hope some of these tips help you to have a simply SUPER Saturday,

'On Ya'-ma


Scrappy quilter said...

Dear friend, I so agree with this post. It is easy to live the simple life. I remember years ago wanting everything, never taking time to just relax. After a major burnout I quickly learnt I had to change my lifestyle. I'm loving where I'm at now. Hope you have a wonderful Sat. Not sue what's up here today...we are getting snow right now so I might just quilt the day away and later read a good book. Hugs

Bookncoffee said...

Good entry and I love the photo above! I have been using last year's photos from a year ago for my blog topper too.

betty said...

I like your simple life tips, Ma. I like living beneath your means too; if we did that, I think our country would be less in the mess that it is in with the economy. I know these days we need to watch our money a bit closer and are doing lots of those tips you mentioned; I always enjoy going to the library to check out books!! Great books free of charge to read, who can resist that?


Hollie said...

Thank you for all the tips! They are all very good ones! I hope you are having a good day! The rain & storms have moved on through! Thank the LORD! The wind is howling today!

Martha said...

I agree 100% but then again I always agree with the things you have to say :-)

Don't know if I remembered to tell you how adorable your house is!

See you at TMS tomorrow. Have a great evening.