It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chapter 4, Page 11, Book 11

I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou


When something important happens in my life, I say I have been deeply touched and we often say that people are out of touch.

There is a tremendous satisfaction in the act of sharing and serving. If you’ve ever gotten a comment back from a reader remarking that your latest post helped them tremendously, or that they can’t thank you enough for sharing that, then you know what I mean.

Being connected with others, even in the bloggerville, provides the uplifting and rewarding satisfaction that gives life depth and meaning.

I enjoy connecting with people any way I can, and the internet provides a lot of opportunities. I started my blog after all my children left home as a way to keep them all in touch with what was going on at home.

I often write them an e-mail congratulating them on a success or letting them know how they mean to me. I love making contact with them with no ulterior motive except to reach out.

It is true too that the old fashioned things like hand shakes still mean a lot. Due to the internet we are in contact with people all of the time. But it is not the nurturing kind of contact that people often need. Sometimes I think we are missing chances to relate in the offline world because we spend so much time on line.

Make this world a better place...

There is plenty of room for little ways to create small measures of happiness in the lives of those around us. Little gestures can create or strengthen our sense of community and of shared humanity, lightening our burdens for just a moment, and giving us something to smile about. Very often people just need to know that they are important to you.

Doing things that show people that you care about them has the potential to make the world, or at least our little corner of it, a better place

Lenten Tip for Today: Empty out old dead thoughts and be reborn in mind and spirit. That experience will make you come alive

Sunday was a warm and sunny unbelievable 80 degrees here in northern Ohio. Today it'll rain and then we'll be back to normal. For one day it was just wonderful having a bit of nice weather.

It's always a pleasure for me to wish you a MERRY Monday!
I love being in touch with you all each day!

'On Ya'-ma


jack69 said...

No doubt, you are making this world a better place where you are MA, with your attitudes and advice.

We do remember what people do, much longer than what they say!!

Love from NOrth Carolina
Sherry & Jack

Kathy said...

How nice you got a warm day to enjoy what is to come. I wish you a very happy week this week and to let you know how you inspire me whenever I read your posts.

Scrappy quilter said...

Thanks for sharing your lenten tips with us...they are so encouraging. It was warm here yesterday too. Suppose to be much warmer today so most of the snow is gone. I'll be haning clothes out today on the line. Hugs

betty said...

I bet you did enjoy that 80 degree day yesterday, Ma!! More of them are in store down the road this year!!

I do agree with your comment about missing our chance connecting with the offline world if we are online as much as some (me) are. I think we need to be aware of that and make sure not all our connecting is being done via the Internet. Very good thoughts there for sure!!


grammy said...

I love the first quote...
I love to be hugged on by Grandkids...I think they fill a spot we need filled (o:
I also like the idea of emptying out old dead thoughts. They are usually rotten and cause mold to grow (o:


Wonderful words today in your blog. I know I'm online more than I should be, but the internet gives me a chance to connect with my family that is scattered all across the country. Being able to hear from them daily is definitely uplifting. And to connect to my online friends too.

Hollie said...

I agree totally! There's nothing like a big ole hug! I love them! As you might have guessed also....I'm a hugger!