It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Chapter 3, Page 9, Book 11

WONDERFUL Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent

Rend your hearts and not your garments

Joel 2

Often people say to me You just won't understand.
You're way too old, or Way too young, or YOU are NOT a man.

I don't know why some people feel they suffer unique pain.
As if they are the only ones who've lost or ceased to gain.
I don't know why they hide their pain and clutch it ever tighter.
It seems to me that all should know - a burden shared gets lighter.

Why some folks even deign to think the pain that's in their heart,
Is all their own, to keep and hoard, they set themselves apart.
They keep their eyes from meeting mine lest I should see their hurt.
And even if we stop and speak their words are often curt.

The Bible says: Two can withstand what overcomes just one.
And also that - a Cord of Three can scarcely be undone.
Besides, I know the ways of hurt - my heart's been crushed before.
Friends have betrayed - I've lost at love, Despair's knocked at my door.

And I Remember - thoughts gone wild - and crying late at night.
Not having strength to care at all - much less the strength to fight.
But, someone special came to me - and when my trials were told.
I realized that with their tears - they'd eased my heavy load.

And so, I learned, that Pain, like Love is bearable if shared.
I don't know what I would have done without that friend who cared.

My trials did not vanish fast - in fact the time was long.
But sharing gave me breathing space until I could grow strong
Enough to laugh again and even start to smile
And though it seemed it could not help - It eased my pain awhile.

So, if you think that you can't share cause I won't understand.
At least just give me half a chance to lend a helping hand.
For I know that you're hurting and I know a place to start.
Perhaps if you could realize - your pain burns in my heart.

I know I cannot make your trials and troubles go away.
But maybe I can help a bit to get you through today.
And maybe by tomorrow you won't need help anymore.
But if you should, Don't be ashamed for that's what friends are for.

And after all is said and done - the trials ceased - you're whole.
Perhaps you'll know just what to do to help another soul
Who's being crushed by hurt and pain - be it woman or a man.
And you won't have to hear them say, You just won't understand.

Author Unknown

This WONDERFUL Wednesday we begin our journey through Lent. It might seem the beginning of the same old road. We have journeyed on it before, maybe enthusiastically at the start, only for that enthusiasm to fade as the weeks went on. But the Lenten road that we begin this week is new, fresh and full of many possibilities. A whole year has passed by, our stories have moved on and so have we. In the midst of troubled economic times, with lots of uncertainties, we are hungry for even more stability and meaning in our lives.

Our Lenten journey will give us many opportunities to learn more about ourselves, it will help us connect with God and it is here that great things can begin to happen. That's why Lent is all about hope, new beginnings and a gentle invitation to make the most of what's on offer.

Lent invites us
to open our hearts,
minds and bodies
to the grace
of rebirth

We are reminded that we are creatures and that our lives were given to us. But, we are also reminded that this is not our lasting home.

Remember man, that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.

Genesis 3;1

I hope your Wednesday is a WONDERFUL one.

'On Ya'-ma


jack69 said...

Again you have found a great one by Mr. Unknown. A lot of truth in that prose.

I hope this is a wonderful Wednesday all around.
Love sent from MI

Joyful Days said...

Thank you for such a great start to my Ash Wednesday morning! You always have the right words!

Midlife Mom said...

What a lovely post, you always seem to find the gems! May this season of Lent be very special to your heart! xoxox

Hollie said...

Wonderful entry! I'm so thankful for my blogging buddies. I have leaned on you guys many times, & I'm sure there will be many more! have a wonderful day!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Happy Wednesday, Ma...!!


grammy said...

Great words to ponder.
I like the shared burden is true.
I have a neighbor that lost her husband in Dec. she is having a hard time...REALLY hard time. When I walk with her, I just let her talk and talk and share her burden. Hope it lightens it somewhat.

Jean said...

Enjoyed your lovely post and I hope you have a great Wednesday.

Debbie said...

What a wonderful post! You made my day.

betty said...

I liked that message from the Unknown Author; so very relevant to rely on friends for support and comfort when we are going through tough times in our lives as well as share with them the happy moments of our lives as well!

good reminder to remember that this is not our lasting home indeed!!