It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chapter 12, Page 28, Book 10

Little by little I'll show some of things I painted this year for Christmas gifts. The sled above is one of the 7 I did for each of my children.

A few years ago, after a long and gruesome day of work, I realized I was in danger of wasting my life. I saw that the years were slipping by. With the good Lord's help, I have since made myself a whole lot happier. My days have become joy filled and full of meaning. I've become rich in things I really never considered to be of much importance before.

One thing I've learned is to take care of my self. To get more rest and to eat the right things too.

I've learned to let go of a lot of things. Old grudges and petty complaints were given a boot out the door. I let them go .

I don't dwell on what's wrong in my life, but focus on what is right.

I look for little ways I can stay closer to my family and friends.

I've accepted my way of life and what I am and have learned to enjoy just being me.

I leaned that I really have a wonderful life and look forward to each day. Every moment holds something new and I thrive on being a part of each one of them.

The darkest days of the year are about to lighten again. We will be celebratings the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. It's a time of impending rebirth. Even in these Arctic blasts of winter, there is the scent of Spring. Can you smell it? We are at the turning point of the year, the symbolic moment of starting over.

See the world as completely new every moment and approach it with a sense of wonder, for even though we often forget it, we are always starting over. I'm going to light a candle to the end of the year and say a prayer of gratitude for 2010 and declare what I'm letting go of this year. At midnight on the 31st, I'm going to make a toast to releasing anything that no longer serves a purpose in my life..

There you have my 2 for Tuesday. How to make life worth living and living worth while in the coming year and a peak at my Christmas painting.

Have a Terrific 2's Tuesday everyone! Blessings to you for the coming year!

'On Ya'-ma


Scrappy quilter said...

I love this post. I love this time of year too, the ending of an old year, the beginning of a New Year. I love that we set goals, dream dreams and begin fresh each new year. I can't wait to see what 2011 brings along with being thankful for 2010. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs

grammy said...

love that Santa sled... you are very talented (o: our age we need to take stalk of our life and start living in a way we have no regrets...(o:

jack69 said...

Good post. we are on the road. Just stopped at a park near Savannah, GA for the night. Funny they are calling for 27 here tonight and 24 in mid FL where we are headed, Sopmething is wrong. hahahahahah

Love from South CArolina.

Rose said...

Love that sled!

This was a great post!


Buttercup said...

My post today is on the coming of spring, too! New dreams, new hopes and new horizons for the year ahead!

peggy said...

I'm so glad you are showing us your painting. The sleds are really beautiful, I know the children love them.

And I will also be grateful for the year that is ending. What a good suggestion.