It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chapter 12, Page 15, Book 10

Two things hard on the heart: running up stairs and running down people.

I think that being considerate is, first and foremost, about paying attention to the world around you. My biggest pet peeves involve clueless people who pay no attention to what is going on around them and, therefore, manage to inconvenience others.

Some people are just more considerate than others. These type of people always seem to understand how you feel. These are the people we all love to be around.

In the hectic, fast-paced lifestyle we all live , it's unavoidable sometimes to be inconsiderate. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we press on through the scramble of morning rush hour, succumb to the insistent needs of our family, hustle to appointments and meetings, and absorb the mounting pressures of the day.

Taking time to be considerate almost seems like one more daunting task, more effort than it's worth, that is less rewarding than being able to keep up with our own schedules and demands

Here is what the dictionary says about thoughtfulness

thoughtful·ness n.
Synonyms: thoughtful, considerate, attentive, solicitous
These adjectives mean having or showing concern for the well-being of others. Although thoughtful and considerate are often used interchangeably, thoughtful implies a tendency to anticipate needs or wishes, whereas considerate stresses sensitivity to another's feelings: a thoughtful friend who brought me soup when I was sick; considerate, quiet neighbors.

Being polite is all about being considerate and appreciative, but for many people, it remains a challenge. Some have no interest whatsoever in being polite

I've always tried to treat everyone the same way, even if I am not fond of them. This was something that I was taught as a young child by my Mom. Remember... Never make any enemies. Always be courteous, you might meet this person again in another setting and wouldn't want to have caused negative memories that would give you a bad standing.

We should all be aware that what we do will affect the people around us. By keeping this in mind, our choice of actions should exclude anything that will negatively impact other people

Don't take people for granted and be grateful for what they do for you. There simply aren't any people with no bad habits or faults. We have to make allowance for each other's faults.

Proverbs 17:9 says, Love forgets mistakes.

Very often it is not that we are blind to someone else's faults; rather, we choose to overlook them. Great friends are good forgetters. They forget the bad stuff because they want to.. They don't rub it in, they rub it out.

Being considerate of others will take you further in life than a college degree.

Marian Wright Edelma

So on the WONDERFUL Wednesday remember to be kind and considerate to those around you. It is especially important this time of year.

The Spirit of Santa

He's seen in the smiles
The whole world is sharing,
He's found where there's friendship
And loving and caring,
He's felt in warm handshakes
When people are meeting
He's heard in the cheer of
A Christmas time greeting
His spirit's behind all the
Gifts we receive
He's everywhere, always
To those who believe!

Author Unknown

On Ya'-ma


Scrappy quilter said...

I absolutely love this post. Beautifully written once again and so very, very true. Hugs

jack69 said...

"""Being considerate of others will take you further in life than a college degree.""" Edelma

My pick of the day, that and running down people being hard on th e heart!!

Good one!!

betty said...

Your mother was a very wise woman, Ma! Excellent advice she taught you at such a young age and I am sure you taught your kids the same. When I see situations out and about of someone maybe being rude or not considerate or a little short with someone, I try to think of what they could be going through and not assume that is their true nature. You are right, we need to be considerate and thoughtful of others and treat them as fairly as we can. Again very wise words, Ma!

enjoy your Wednesday!


grammy said...

What a great great lesson on being kind and thoughtful (o: We all need to remember that during this hectic Holiday situation.

LYN said...

awesome post as always!! Merry Christmas!!