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Friday, December 10, 2010

Chapter 12, Page 10, Book 10

Fantastic Friday and the Scents of Christmas

There are so many ways that I can tell that Christmas is coming. One of them is that it smells like Christmas! Around my house most of the scents are artificial as I have an little fake Christmas tree and I don't bake much but it still smells good and I do love it.

One of my favorite things to do is : Boil orange ring, cinnamon sticks and cloves in a covered sauce pan filled with water. Let the water boil for a few minuets, then allow to simmer for a hour. If you simmer it for a few hours, you will need to add more water occasionally so it doesn't boil dry. Store in refrigerator when not in use, to prevent molding. It can be simmered over and over again!

This is a great way to put some extra moisture into my dry house too.

Whether you bring in some pine from the garden, bake some gingerbread or mull some wine, the scents of Christmas will add a whole new dimension to your holiday celebration

To create the smell of Christmas baking, without the fuss, sprinkle cinnamon on a cookie sheet covered with foil, then put it into your hot oven after you've turned it off when you've baked something else. Adding a little nutmeg and allspice will also bring back memories of Christmas. Oven should start off warm but should be off when the spices are in the oven.

There are certain smells that inevitably trigger wonderful memories of Christmases past. For me, the smells of Christmas are every bit as important as the sights and sounds. Balsam or pine, Cinnamon, Oranges and cloves and Peppermint are some of my favorites.

I do like to burn scented candles too, but these other ideas are a little less expensive and smell good too. A good scented candles can get pricy.

It's another cold and maybe snowy day here in Ohio. They say a clipper may be headed our way. A clipper is a blast of wind over the lake that often brings a good snow shower our way. Although I don't live right by Lake Erie I am close enough that lake effect -- winds over the lake-- makes for some sudden bursts of unusually bad weather for us. Most of the northern and northeastern part of Ohio is this way.

Anyway it sounds like another day of keeping cozy indoors here at home, but it will smell just fantastic here!

I hope your Friday is a fantastic one too!

'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

I can almost smell it here! Mmmmmmm Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! They're calling for some flurries here on Sunday! I sure hope they are right as we don't get much snow at all. When we do it's a treat! I know you would love to send me some of your's .. LOL

jack69 said...

Oh yes, the smell of Christmas. TO me it was the citrus smell. the Tangerine or orange given by the churches in what we called 'Treats' to all attendance and sent to the 'shut-ins'.

Even in florida, when we are there, it brings back the thoughts of Christmas past!

betty said...

Interesting about the clipper, Ma! Its good they can "predict" if one might be heading your way so people can prepare for it.

I like what you boil, I bet that does smell good and it is neat that you can reuse it again (of course with storing it in the fridge) that is a good idea, might have to try it this season!

stay warm and safe!


Lainey Laine said...

oh how I love the smells of Christmas baking. Wish I was in your house! xxxx

Debbie said...

mmmmm...the smells you describe are wonderful! Thank you for sharing these great ideas to fill the house with the scents of the season.