It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chapter 9, Page 26, Book 10

Celebrating Sunday!

I always take the time to make sure that Sundays are set aside for lots of good R and R. Rest and relaxation. It's a very cool morning here and I'm layered up trying to keep warm as I sit here debating whether or not to turn the heat on in my camper.

It's comfortable as long as you are dressed right. Just two short days ago we had what was probably the last blast of summer heat as our temps were close to 90 degrees. Last night we went down in the 40's here.

My cup of good hot coffee tastes especially good on mornings like this for sure. At 6:30 in the morning it is still very dark here but the sun should be out today and warm us back up into the 60's. That is about normal for us this time of year.

In a little while I'll get ready and go off to church as is my habit for a Sunday morning. It starts my day off just right and also gives me a sense of putting the old week to rest and starting fresh for a new week. It both refreshes and renews.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers and I do pray for each one of you.

I hope your Sunday is filled with some of that good R and R too.

'On Ya'-ma


jack69 said...

Have a great Sunday, we have the heat on here in New Mexico also.

God Bless you there on this wonderful day!!!

Kathy said...

Have a wonderful day today. It's rather warm where I am and it's raining. Sitting here in the motorhome while my husband is out trying again to catch a salmon. He has been trying for 6 years unsuccessfully now. Poor guy. He can catch anything else but the salmon elludes him.

Sybil said...

Make me an instrement of your peace...was one of the hymns we sang this morning at church...We had a frost this morning and it has been much coler here as well.
love Sybil xx

betty said...

thank you for the prayers, Ma, I know I can always use them!! I bet it was an enjoyable morning, even though it was a bit on the cold side. Knowing the sun would be out soon and you would be at church soon I bet helped to keep things warm and pleasant for you :)


Faye Davis said...

Oh how I have missed your encourageing words. My spelling or typing may be a little off, if it is please forgive me. I will try to read your blog every day. It is such a blessing.