It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chapter 9, Page 16, Book 10

This is DSIL holding our little Lucky Guy. He had surgery yesterday to remove his appendix and now is doing just fine. Still in the hospital this morning but on the mend now. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes.

Celebrate your life joyfully;
Celebrate yourself humbly;
Celebrate your blessings gratefully

William Arthur Ward

Today is the day to celebrate our many blessings!

One of the best ways I know to celebrate my blessings is to journal about the many good things I am surrounded by. Did you ever notice that it is during the hard times that we need gratitude the most? Whenever I think that I'm having a bad day all I need to do is count my blessings.

I am always grateful for the basics, such as a roof over my head, food to eat and my family. Just being together and celebrating one another’s company is always a wonderful thing.

Many of the things that enrich my life are simple ordinary things. Smiles and hugs top the list. Just inhaling the heady air of existence, the joy of being is a blessing indeed.
We need to take quiet time to feel gratitude for what we have, not impatience for what we don’t have. Most of us already have the ingredients of a happy life. It’s just that we tend to take these for granted and focus on unmet wants and unfulfilled desires. Giving thanks is better than shopping and cheaper too.

Life is too full of blessings to waste time and attention on substitutes. To live, give, forgive, celebrate and praise are still the best ways of turning life into a blessing.

I hope your Thursday is one to be Thankful for too!

'On Ya'-ma


Bookncoffee said...

Morning! Glad SIL is doing ok. Seems a LOT of folks are having to deal with the appendix removal these days. We've had a couple of them at work and 1 spleen. So I'm not sure what it is, but everytime I feel a side pain, it gets my attention. Must be in our water. Have a good day. I left a comment on your other blog - or at least tried to.

jack69 said...

Hope the healing is fast.
Celebrate life, yeah, it is the only one we will know here so let's make the best of it.

I think you are!
Sherry & Jack

Ally Lifewithally said...

So glad you SIL is making good progress ~ hope he will soon be home and feeling good ~ Ally x

grammy said...

So glad to hear Your DSIL is doing well. It is almost the weekend...Thankful for that and many other things (o:

betty said...

glad the surgery went well for DSIL and I hope he has a speedy recovery. always love your Thursday entries, Ma. So uplifting in thanksgiving and great reminders on the important things of life, smiles, hugs, love, forgiveness, etc. wishing you the best of days!


Debbie said...

Great post, and very inspiring.
Wonderful that the surgery went well.
Debbie@houseatthelake said...

He is precious. Hope he gets well soon.