It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapter 8, Page 30, Book 10

It's TERRIFIC Tuesday!

Have you noticed that personal privacy has gone the way of the 10-cent cup of coffee. Drive to the grocery store, walk into the bank, stroll the mall and you’ve been on countless video cameras. Try to slide through on a yellow traffic light where there’s a traffic camera and a ticket with a hefty fine will be in your mail in short order.

I happened to be waiting to check out some items in a store the other day when the lady in front of me asked me if I was Pam... I didn't recognize her, but said yes, that is who I am. She said you were the person who trained me for the job at the switchboard years ago.

BC (before children) I did work at a switchboard. That is now almost 40 years ago, but this lady recognized me. Not only did she know who I was, but also knew what I'd been doing since then and knew where I used to live at.

I was amazed. To think that someone I didn't even recognize, much less think about in all those years, knew so much about me was almost unnerving. It turns out that she has a neighbor who also knows me and I guess that is where she'd gotten her information.

I guess that is proof that I live a life that is like an open book with no secrets to be had. She also knew somethings about my children and they are good kids so I'm glad of that too.

It's true, that we just never know who is watching us to see what happens in our lives.

Today finds me still waiting for the birth of my newest grandchild. DDIL#5 has been admitted and will be giving birth some time this morning. I'm waiting for the phone to ring.

This Tuesday will be a VERY TERRIFIC one!

'On Ya'-ma


Angie said...

I noticed the same thing Pam. I know it's easy to say "But I have no skeletons in the closet..." but all the same it's scary what people know or can find out about you. On the other hand I think it's sad too that we are these days encouraged to mistrust the reasons and motives of others. I try to remember that most people are nice, normal, honest people but there's always going to be the odd one. God grant me the wisdom to know the difference!

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Well, that was an odd encounter! It must be wonderful to know that you have made such a lasting impression on another person. She must have admired you very much.
But as to your point, I agree that there is way too much personal information out there. It's a little creepy!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Little MR. WONDERFUL was born at 8:18 this morning weighing in at 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 inches long. Sporting blond curly hair and a dimple too!

Hollie said...

It is kinda unnerving to know all that. We even have cameras on us at work. I hate that as though it sends me the message that they don't trust me.

Praying all goes well with the birth of the new addition! Keep us posted & congrats to all.

Hollie said...

Oh wow! I just noticed your entry! So glad it's over & Mom & baby are doing good! Praise the LORD!

jack69 said...

Congratulations on the 'Mr. Wonderful' also a good entry. Sometimes the lack of privacy bothers me.

Reminders of good things inthe past do not!
From Moab, Utah

BlueRidge Boomer said...

And does this mean the book about "Big Brother" watching us....maybe a fact....Scary...!!

Enjoy your new blessing!

Sybil said...

As I write this it is 7.25pm and I expect that it is around noon with you so fingers crossed that the phone is about to ring..or even better thatit has rang and we will be reading tomorrow about your new grandbaby.. It is truly amazing how "unprivate" our lives really are, but to see someone so long in your past is something else. I did once meet a girl from school who I hadn't seen in about 50 years I suppose but she seemed to know all about me as well...funny thing was except for very vaguely recognising her I had know idea who she was !!!
much Love Sybil xx

Sybil said...

Jusr scrolled dow your comments and see taht the new baby has arrived a gorgeous boy..Congradulations to you ALL
love Sybil x said...

some people are just plain nosy and rude. That is strange about that woman.
good luck to your dil..i know you are so excited!

betty said...

I agree with you about the lack of privacy these days and add to that the people who decide to talk on their cell phone at the store and you can hear all their business, whether or not you want to hear it.

interesting encounter with that lady at the store though!

how exciting to add a new baby to your family today!


betty said...

LOL, saw your comment just now Ma! congrats on Mr. Wonderful, congrats to mom/dad and the whole family!! Sounds like an adorable looking little man indeed!


grammy said...

I better watch those yellow lights (o:
I am not sure I knew your name was Pam.
I do kind of go visit anyone named Pam because that is my name too.
I do try to live a life that anyone could see and not be shocked at (o: What you see is what you get (o:

Buttercup said...

Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of Mr. Wonderful. He has a pretty wonderful grandma!