It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chapter 8, Page 27, Book 10

A Fable for this Friday
An Ant nimbly running about in the sunshine in search of food
came across a Chrysalis that was very near its time of change.
The Chrysalis moved its tail, and thus attracted the attention
of the Ant, who then saw for the first time that it was alive.
"Poor, pitiable animal!" cried the Ant disdainfully.
"What a sad fate is yours! While I can run hither and thither,
at my pleasure, and, if I wish, ascend the tallest
tree, you lie imprisoned here in your shell, with power
only to move a joint or two of your scaly tail."
The Chrysalis heard all this, but did not try to make any reply.
A few days after, when the Ant passed that way again, nothing
but the shell remained. Wondering what had
become of its contents, he felt himself suddenly
shaded and fanned by the gorgeous wings of a
beautiful Butterfly. "Behold in me," said
the Butterfly, "your much-pitied friend!
Boast now of your powers to run and climb as long
as you can get me to listen." So saying, the
Butterfly rose in the air, and, borne along
and aloft on the summer breeze, was soon
lost to the sight of the Ant forever.

Appearances are deceptive.

When the eyes say one thing and the tongue another, the practiced person relies on the language of the first

Ralph Waldo Emerson

As wonderful as feel that life is, sometimes appearances are misleading as we look at others, and appearances are misleading as we look at ourselves

The shimmering surface of a lake, glowing in the evening sun, may inspire us with its beauty. Yet, hidden beneath its surface may be an ugly blanket of toxic sludge. On the other hand, the ocean surface that is marred by unsightly patches of oil spilled by a tanker, may conceal within its depths animal life of great beauty.

No, things are not always what they appear to be. Although we must avoid misjudging others, we must be equally vigilant in avoiding being misled by others

We look at the outside and jump to a conclusion about what’s inside. I hate to admit this, but more than once, I have used the external appearance of another person as my compass, pointing me in a completely erroneous direction as I made a snap judgment about a certain individual

We all have our yardsticks, the measures we use to judge others. When you hear stories, be wise. Be careful, lest you jump to a confusion.
There are times, people are more interested in correcting their image than they are in correcting themselves. Just because someone or something looks good doesn't mean that it is.

I have always thought that I won't judge others, because I don't want them to judge me. What goes around also comes around. There is a quote I read that says when we judge people we don't have time to love them

We really just have to be careful and watchful in order to discern what is good and what isn't. We can stand up for what we know is right and righteous. That is far better than downgrading what is wrong in my opinion

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
Dr. Seuss

Thanks to all of you for prayers and best wishes for my son too. His surgery did go just fine yesterday and he should be returning home today.
Praise the Lord.

Have a WONDERFUL Friday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Good Morning MA! I was here earlier and hopped off to look up Aesop after reading the fable! Then I returned and your Emerson quote~flew off to look up RWE! (It's a wonder I get anything done!). Now I'm back to leave a comment which was what I intended to do in the first place..I loved the fable! My mom has always thought of herself as a butterfly and I have always thought she was beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend MA. I'm so happy that your son is doing well after his surgery and it on the mend.

jack69 said...

Quote:There are times, people are more interested in correcting their image than they are in correcting themselves. Just because someone or something looks good doesn't mean that it is. unquote

So true especially today when more than ever folks need the praise of their peers.

I love to be around folk who are just what you see and hear.

Love from Colorado

betty said...

glad to hear your son's surgery went well Ma! I enjoyed that fable with the ant and butterfly, good wise words Aesop always managed to put in his "fables".

Appearances can be deceiving indeed! I think we always need to remember to just be kind to people and treat them the way we would want to be treated because I think there are so many hurting people out there that hide behind this or that appearance, know what I mean?

again, very wise words from you Ma!

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend with your family!