It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter 8, Page 23, Book 10

Everyone needs their own special place

I know you all are wondering just what that picture is of. It is our picnic table umbrella with beach towels hanging from it.

After watching the grandbabes and their friends at play this past weekend I thought about how true it is. We all need a space to call our own. Someplace away from everyone that is just ours.

And this picture shows a couple of lawn chairs with another beach towel stretched over top of them

I remember well the days when my own children were small they'd put a sheet over the table then crawl underneath it calling their special place a fort.

And sometimes that place is like my Sweetheart on the blanket in the grass. She loves music so took her ipod with her and laid down there enjoying her special place.
Of course by now you all know that my special place is where I camp and I call it My Little Pace in the Woods.

It's Merry Monday here at my house. I'm enjoying my special place and am a Merry person indeed.

I hope your Monday is a Merry one too!

'On Ya' -ma


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

How sweet your grandbabies are! And what fun!! I love all of the colors on your picnic table! A great weekend with family and friends! Bless you MA!

LYN said...

Great post..I always find my "special place" wherever I am grounds me..

jack69 said...

KIds are congtent with less that this world believes when left to make their own way. Tunnels and cave and private places.

love it

betty said...

what a cute fort they made with the blankets and picnic table! you are right, Ma, we do need a place where it can be special to us where we can 'retreat' if we need some quiet time or relaxful times, etc. Knowing you enjoy your special place so very much!


Sybil said...

What great photo's as of my special places believe it or not is my car !! It is in my wee car that I can be truly alone and perhaps just sit looking at a lovely scene, or listen to my fav. radio station, read a few pages of a book, even just sit sat there doing nothing...
Have a lovely week Ma.
much LOve Sybil x

Amelia said...

My son also likes to make forts but he is not the "personal time" type. If he builds a fort, you can bet mommy must go in with him lol.

Take care

Debbie said...

How sweet that you could make these special little places for the kiddos to enjoy.
What fun!

Linda :) said...

Growing up my brother and I were always building forts in our room... and once while visiting our grandparents farm, our dad had a parachute and made it into a tee-pee... :)