It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chapter 8, Page 10, Book 10

It's TERRIFIC Tuesday!

It's a terrific thing that Monday is done and over and today we have another day to rise and shine!

It's another hot day here in Ohio. I'm thankful that at least we had a wonderful reprieve over this past weekend, but it looks like it'll be awhile before we see temps in the 70's again. It'll be closer to 90 degrees . I know lots are even hotter than that this summer so trying to keep cool is something we're all striving for right now.

Today is my day for a hair cut and I'm glad it is. With all the hot humid weather we are having I think it needs to be shorter. So that's my terrific happening today. It's really pretty quiet around my house right now but things will be changing soon.

The end of this month I'll be traveling to stay a few days with DS#6 and his wife to watch their baby for them and then DS#5 and his wife are expecting their first babe very shortly after that. Needless to say I love being able to help out when I can.

For years I was always working so the only help I could give was on weekends or an occasional vacation day. Now I'm always available.

Life in the land of the Poor but Happy is TERRIFIC!

I hope today is a TERRIFIC one for all of you too!

'On Ya'-ma


Angie said...

Poor but happy - yes that just about covers it! Got no money but we do see life. I hope you don't melt to a grease spot in the Ohio sunshine

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Happy Tuesday my friend....!!
My hair has been short for a long....long....time... the summeri get it cut very...very....very short...!!


grammy said...

babysitting babies when they are your own grands is wonderful (o: I have a newborn daycare baby coming at the end of the month. He will be 6 weeks, so not really newborn. I hope he will be a good baby and not a crier. Mommie nurses so it is always a shock to baby to come here and have mean old me try to give them a yucky bottle.
I win't have any new Grands until youngest son gets married. Who knows when that might be. (o:

jack69 said...

It is so nice to be able to give all week uinstead of just the weekends.
have a great time.
From Missouri

Linda :) said...

Terrific Tuesday it is, as I ended up with another Tuesday off, so another four day week... getting the boys ready for school tomorrow... and thank you for taking some of the warmer weather this summer as we have barely seen 100's this summer... 90's all this week til Saturday and Sunday when it will be just 100.... lol...
Happy Tuesday!! :)

Ally Lifewithally said...

Pam Happy Tuesday to you ~ your children are so lucky to have you at hand to baby sit and look after them ~ Ally x

Sybil said...

Yes Ma it sure has been a happy Tuesday over here as you have already seen John has come home there have been days this last 5 weeks when we thought this day might never come and even days when we hopes it woudn't come...Now we hope that we can relax for two or three weeks and be happy as possible..
Love Sybil xx