It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chapter 7, Page 27, Book 10

Years wrinkle the skin. But to lose enthusiasm in life wrinkles the soul.


Needless to say I can boast of more than my share of wrinkles. Laugh lines and squint lines have been there for a while and it seems every day new wrinkles appear. Yet, age hasn't taken away my love of live at all. I seem to be more enthusiastic about each new day than I've ever been.

How can I help but be otherwise. I take the time just to watch the birds or the sunrise. I learn new things every day of my life. The things that delight me the are the simple things. I figure there is so much right around me that deserves some attention that I seldom feel the need to travel any further.

Enthusiastic emotions are contagious.The more passion you have for your life and activities, the more charisma and enthusiasm you will communicate

Learning new things tends to keep our enthusiasm high, perhaps this explains the natural enthusiasm of children. If you paid attention to children you would notice they are naturally enthusiastic and they are naturally happy. The reason adults tend to lose a lot of their enthusiasm for living is that they usually stop learning.

The world is as exciting today as it was when we were children, the trouble lies in the fact that we tend to lose our children's eyes and because of it our enthusiasm for life

Enthusiasm is the fuel that sustains you. It is the fire that lights you up and keeps you moving forward in the face of difficulties. It lifts you up when the situation looks dark, and it energizes you when you are tired.

If we speak positive words, we often gives better results. It is one of the fastest ways to turn a situation around. By speaking out positive words, you can quickly make a dismal situation a brighter one.

Greet the dawn with enthusiasm and you may expect satisfaction at sunset.


I hope your Tuesday is a TERRIFIC one and that you too can look at life with the eyes of a child and find all the wonderful exciting things that are there right at your front door.

'On Ya'-ma


jack69 said...

There is nothing in the summer like a boy and watermellon. What joy. That I always ate with enthusiasm!!!

Kathy said...

How right you are! Keeping the kid in us really makes for a happy day doesn't it? I am going to keep this post in my mind today and make sure I see things as though it's the first time. Enjoy your day Ma.

grammy said...

Such sunny enthusiastic words for today
I think I am a happy up person
yikes I was kind of grouchy yesterday so i better work on it today (o:

Rose said...

Very positive the picture of that adorable child and the watermelon!

Have a wonderful Tuesday

Ally Lifewithally said...

Pat thanks for the lovely words you write ~ The picture of the trees is beautiful and It is a lovely one of the little boy with the Water Melon ~ Ally x

Barbara said...

First time I had a piece of watermelon was in 1960 in New Orleans. The piece they brough was so big i could not pick it up and had no idea how on earth I could eat it!!

Sybil said...

Sorry Ma, so busy yesterday that I didn't get in to comment or otherwise ! what a loely Grandson you have such a delightful picture thanks for sharing...That kind of water melon is Mary's favourite. when she was a child in Cyprus she said that was almost all the had to keep cool...
BIL may now get home Monday..
Love Sybil xx