It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chapter 7, Page 12, Book 10

Anymore my Mondays are just about like my Thursdays as they are the days I make the switch from camper to home again and vice versa. My days are not ever boring but these two days of the week are my pack up and travel days. It's wonderful to have a change of scenery but there are times I wish I could just spend the entire season here at the camper and forget the going back and forth. There is laundry to be done and a house to maintain so I try and have the best of both worlds and just do it.

I'm not complaining by any means as my days have all been pretty wonderful since I retired.

One thing about the drive back and forth is that it very scenic. Most of what I see is farmland, hills and and quaint little towns . The roads are sometimes like a roller coaster. You no more get to the top of one hill than you go down another. There is never much traffic and I can usually travel at my leisure and just enjoy all the sights.

There is absolutely no rushing about for anything anymore. I can pretty much make my own schedule for what I want to do as there is no one dependent on my comings or my goings.

I wish you all a MERRY Monday. I know mine will be one for sure!

'On Ya'-ma


Kath said...

It makes all the differance when the ride along is a scenic one Ma.I too used to get a little tired of the packing and unpacking each and every week,but I now have everything at the holiday flat(double)to home so I do not need to pack each time.(NO Critters there though to do any damage)LOL!!Safe Journeys have a Merry Monday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Angie said...

Merry Monday to you too! If you never had to go back home to your house, the camp ground would stop being so special. So...did you ever think you would celebrate the washing and ironing?!!!!

jack69 said...

Oh how I enjoy that kind of trip, little traffic, and we too are seldom rushed.
enjoyed the entry.

grammy said...

I always love your pictures and camping news (o: How long is the trip home from the campground? Not to long i hope.

betty said...

your drive back and forth does seem like a nice one, Ma, and if traffic isn't too bad then I bet it is pleasant! maybe you can treat yourself to a week's rest at the camper sometime this summer, like if you had gone out of town for an extended vacation or something and have someone keep an eye on your place in town :)

betty said...

how exciting our grandbabies will be here around the same time.
I am thankful for the rain we got here today. sounds like you have fun at your campsite...try not to overdo.

Sybil said...

I know just what you mean Ma as when Mum and I had the caravan over in Wales we went almost every week Monday to Friday, as I used to work...if you could call it our sheltered Housing Scheme at the weekend. But it was alwasy worth it just to see the sea and even though I coudn't get down to the beach Mum could and our wee dog and I was able to watch them often struggling through a flock or two of sheep that wandered the sand dounes !!
Have a lovely week. as you know I am pretty busy at the momenet also driving but for a much less pleasure reason.
love Sybil