It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, June 07, 2010

Chapter 6, Page 7, Book 10

The existence of forgetting has never been proved: We only know that some things don't come to mind when we want them
Friedrich Nietzsche
Sometimes I find myself walking into a room and wondering why I went there. It concerns me at times but then I see young people doing the same. I'll forget a word or a name and then later on it'll pop up out of no where. Is it age or is overload? No matter what age we all seem to have memory problems at one time or the other.

Here are somethings I found that help keep our brains in tune.

Sharpen your observational skills and pay attention to the world around you

It's good to eat some nuts like peanuts or Almonds, to help your brain become active. Not just nuts, it's good also to eat green vegetables and fre
sh fruits to eliminate that toxins in your system.
Take a short walk or jog around your neighborhood early in the morning and then come home for some fresh fruit juice in the kitchen

Go to bed before 11 p.m. and sleep eight hours
Stress or depression is not good to your brain no matter how good your diet is or how often you will exercise everyday. The best factor to tune up your mind is to be optimistic

Be optimistic and enjoy life. Stress kills some the connections in our brain that are key to memory. The best thing we can do is to find a purpose in life that we love and go for it.

I did manage to get some pictures of the part of our camp ground by the lake and that is what is pictured for you today. There were places that people usually camp that were totally covered in water. I guess we did have a lot of rain. The camp ground owner said that his rain gauge only measured up to 5 inches and it was overflowing.

This evening I'll go home for a couple of days and then return here for hopefully what will be some sunnier days.

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film

Have a Merry Monday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


Angie said...

Sieve-brain is my middle name, always has been. I often forget why I've gone somewhere in the house and usually have to retrace my steps before I can remember. Good thing there are no stairs in this house or I would be seriously in trouble!

jack69 said...

Good pictures and great advice. I don't think the nuts are working, the brain seems slower & slower. hahahahahahaha!
I do try to eat almonds and now a few patachios (?) every night.

They need to catch up so I can know what I am doing. LOL
TAke care.......

Hollie said...

I indeed have the same memory problems. Sometimes I get concerned with myself. You listed some great helpful tips.

Beautiful pictures. We are getting a lot of rain also.

Jan said...

Excellent observations ,I dont really think its an age thing ,forgetting is ,just a natural thing as you say brain over load ,the lost thought usually returns ,to late to use it in the context required , but never mind ,better late than never ,now what else was I going to say to you ??? Jan xx

grammy said...

Great ideas
it would help us if we weren't in a world so full of stuff
information all the time
every which way you turn (o:
no wonder we don't remember where to turn
I take that back...
always remember to turn to God

betty said...

that was a lot of rain the campground got, Ma! Wow, potentially over 5 inches over that short period of time, I can see why places were flooded

great tips on helping to improve memory; I find my biggest problem this day is remembering people's names I just got introduced to; trying to work harder on that one indeed!!

hoping the sun comes out tomorrow :)


Buttercup said...

My memory gets better when I try to tune out extraneous "stuff" and stay calm. Need to try almonds to keep it up. Wishes for a great Tuesday!