It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, May 31, 2010

Chapter 5, Page 31, Book 10

Go outside, to the fields, enjoy nature a
nd the sunshine, go out and try to recapture happiness in yourself and
in God. Think of all the beauty that’s still left in and around you and be happy!

Anne Frank

Memorial Day weekend has long stood as the unofficial start to the summer season. In our area it is officially when the pools and beaches open and when people start taking their vacations. Everyone is traveling more because the weather is so nice.

It is important that we take a few quiet moments today to honor all those who have fought so bravely for the freedoms we enjoy.

This weekend has been just wonderful. Everyone had a grand time and the weather was just beautiful. After all the wet and cold days we have had this month the warmth and sunshine were a very welcome change.

It is very surprising that we call our world of stress and hurry and pressure civilized. And at the same time, we call the forests and natural world that gives us so much peace the wild. For some reason, the logic of this escapes me. . . .

'On Ya' - ma

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down

Lily Tomlin


Kath said...

Bank Holiday weekend here in England too Ma and today is usually the busiest day of the year on the roads.So Rooster and I decided on a relaxation day today,as we go away on holiday next Saturday the 5th.Try relax at home now and don't be doing too much around the home as I said in your other blog.We don't want you missing out on your camping weekends suffering fatigue.Just look at little Lucky,laughing his head off.He sure looks a happy babe.He made me smile Thankyou.Have a lovely day.Take Care God Bless kath xx

Rose said...

Enjoy your long weekend!

The picture of the little one is precious!

Sybil said...

For fast-acting relief, try slowing true Ma.
Thank you for reminding of that daily...Love your new top photograph. Glad you all had such a lovely weekend.
Love Sybil x

jack69 said...

As always, logic and good sense. Also a neat take on civilized and wild. I like it.
Love from NC (Glad the weather cooperated in your neck of the woods.)

betty said...

The Lucky Guy looks like he is going to be a great camper! so glad it was an enjoyable weekend :)


Buttercup said...

We had a beautiful start to summer here, too. Nice weather and lots of relaxing. Spent yesterday with friends in the suburbs and had the best time just sitting out on their deck, talking and enjoying the weather. Thanks for the photo of your sweet little guy. Too cute! said...

I love May, hate to see it end..
See your little sweetie pie.
He looks so happy.