It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chapter 5, Page 23, Book 10

Introducing yet another new family member. He was adopted by DS# and his family just yesterday
8 month old Golden Lab mix


To celebrate is to observe or honor an event with rituals of respect, festivity, or rejoicing.

Yesterday I celebrated DS#4's birthday. I wasn't able to be with him yet I was celebrating. I so remember the day he was born and how happy I was to have him. I do the same with all my children. I celebrate no matter where they might be.

In fact every day is a day to celebrate to my way of thinking. Each day is a gift. We don't know what the future holds so today is the important thing. I rejoice in each one as it comes.

Traditions and rituals are a part of my life. I always go to church on Sunday. I love the hour spent worshipping and praising with others. I've know a lot of the people there most of my life.

I consider myself renewed and refreshed, rested, relaxed and ready for a new week after Sunday is all done and said. Maybe others have a different way of doing that but for me Sundays remain pretty much the same. It's always been a time for family too and now that camping season has begun I'll be spending a lot of time on Sundays with at least part of my family.

Part of my Sunday ritual is getting ready for church. I can wake up slowly sip my good cup of coffee and then shower and dress. I like dressing up a bit as it's really the only time I get to do so. My lifestyle is so casual that occasionally it makes me feel good to dress up. Of course dressing up is nothing like it used to be in the days of my youth. Styles have changed a great deal

I can remember coming home from church to fix Sunday dinner and donning my apron. Aprons were always worn to protect our clothing from stains. I still have them stashed away somewhere.

Our weather has improved finally and it should be a warmer day here so hopefully I can get outside this afternoon. Puttering about with this and that. Life in the slow lane is wonderful.

I hope that whatever you do, in whatever way pleases you, you will be refreshed and renewed too this Sunday.

'On Ya'-ma


Jeannette said...

What a lovely pup! I could use a lot of prayer right now, I am in such pain.

jack69 said...

What memories this brings up. I remember mama coming in and putting on the apron to finish the dinner that she had started early Sunday Morning. (thanks, I love memories)
Love the new pup!

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

What a beautiful way to begin the day MA! Oh my goodness, I was thinking about all of the birthdays that you celebrate in your wonderful family! That's alot of birthdays friend! An adorable new grandog you have too!(smiling)
Hugs on this Blessed Day~Sharon
Enjoy this beautiful weather MA!

Hollie said...

I love the new member of the family! Happy birthday to your son! I remember my grandmother always wore an apron. Good memories indeed. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Buttercup said...

Love the photo and the puppy. Enjoy your Sunday and have a blessed week.

Martha said...

Thanks for your dose of inspiration MA, have a beautiful day and a wonderful week :-)

grammy said...

Just got caught up
love that puppy
I would love a lab
think I will wait till I am done babysitting and my Grands are older..then I will have more time for a dog (o: today we are living in the slow lane for sure

Sybil said...

Like you Ma I enjoy my Sunday ay church amongst all my like minded quite renews our spirits. I well remember Mum wearing her aprons (in fact one of the family stories is of me as a small child wanting attention whilst Mum was chatting to a neighbour...I got the sissors from where I can't remember and sitting underneath her quietly snipping away at the hem of her apron !!!)
I wonder if that was what caught her attention at last LOL
what a lovely dog your latest edition to the family is. I do love laradors. We have a beautiful black one two doors from us..
Love from a VERY HOT Box.
Sybil xxx

betty said...

that dog looks so adorable; I know he will be well loved by your son's family.

I remember my MIL (she is still living but in poor health and not cooking these days) always having an apron on over her nice clothes while she was working in the kitchen. I think it is a lost art, a lot of people don't seem to dress up as fancy as they used to or wear aprons while cooking. I know we were at the store about a month ago and an older man came into the department store asking where he could find aprons. The clerk said they only carried them seasonly around the holidays, I found that interesting.

I know you are enjoying your Sunday, Ma! always good to slow down a bit and rest up and take things easier on the Lord's day

betty said...

My neighbor has a lab..he is just a pup and gets into quite a bit of mischief.
You have a lovely family.