It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chapter 5, Page 22, Book 10

As I'm now on a new adventure in life I've promised myself to live more gently with myself; to be as kind to myself as I try to be to others. Often we forget ourselves. There are small ways to soothe and nurture yourself that don't involve a lot of money and finally I have the time to do just that.

In my life I’ve pushed my limits to be the perfect mother, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, employee, volunteer, and more. I wish I hadn't work quite so hard, and that I'd played and laughed more, and even taken naps when I felt like it.

I'm going to get out in nature more and enjoy the calming effects that it provides. My little place in the woods is going to be seeing a lot more of me

I'm going to stretch, walk, exercise, dance, and hike more

I'm going to do a lot of nothing. Just resting and relaxing because up to this point my life has been pretty hectic. I've always be on the go with work or the needs of my home so just doing a lot of nothing is needed for sure.

We all know how therapeutic a vacation is and now my vacation is beginning. It will be days filled with simple things like antique stores and farmers markets or just taking time to reflect or to watch the clouds or the cars drive by or a butterfly.

At any age it's it's simple things shared with loved ones that bring more happiness. I'll have more time to spend with my family and grand children.

Things on my 'bucket list' include going a whole year without having to set an alarm clock.
I wouldn’t trade my present situation for anything else .

Have a SUPER Saturday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


jack69 said...

Okay lady, you said it. NOW DO IT. Get out with nature and enjoy the fresh air where youcan think and reflect. It is great to do that. YOu can always comeback to the hectic world, but those times in the woods will be a blessing.

I am saying that and at the same time thanking you for reminding us, we too must do that more.
Love from NC

betty said...

I love your bucket list with not having to set your alarm clock for a whole year! sounds like a wonderful thing to achieve when you reach that milestone!! seems like it will be a great time for you in the coming days, months, years, etc, Ma, as you truly stop and take time to smell the roses and whatever else comes your way :)

betty said...

Sounds wonderful..and you surely do deserve it.

Sybil said...

Oh the joys of retirment ! but is is strange how long it actually takes for us to realise we are actually retired and that we are not just ..on holiday...thats when we can really relax and never even think about the alarm clock !!
Have a lovely peaceful weekend,
Love Sybil