It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, January 04, 2010

Chapter 1, Page 4, Book 10

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Eleven Pipers Piping
The eleven Faithful Apostles: 1) Simon Pet
er, 2) Andrew, 3) James, 4) John, 5) Philip, 6) Bartholomew, 7) Matthew, 8) Thomas, 9) James bar Alphaeus, 10) Simon the Zealot, 11) Judas bar James. (Luke 6:14-16). The list does not include the twelfth disciple, Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus to the religious leaders and the Romans.

Eleven pipers were piping- a wondrous sight.
'Cause the pipes they were bl
owing made bubbles so light.
Here are some bubbles and
a pipe just for you.
So you can join in and have lots of fun, too

Home Made Bubbles

Get out a large cup.

Pour 1/2 cup dish soap into the cup.

Add 1 1/2 cups water to the cup.

Measure 2 teaspoons of sugar into the water/soap mixture.

Gently stir your mixture.

Go outside and blow bubbles!


Don't shake or stir your bubbles too much.

Store your bubbles in a tightly sealed container.

No matter what age we are I think everyone loves blowing bubbles.

Blowing bubbles is a longstanding national past time for children. Bubbles are often a part of life's enjoyment for adults as well, from bubble baths to rides at Disney World that are made all that more magical by the bubbly delights. Bubbles are an important part of feel-good pleasure in life

By blowing bubbles you can take back some of that childlike feeling. If you are having a stressful day, try it. Blowing bubbles is a great stress reliever too.

I'm forever blowing bubbles.

Pretty bubbles in the air!

Tomorrow is Twelfth Night and the last of the 12 days of Christmas

‘On Ya’-ma


Hollie said...

I do enjoy blowing bubbles too. :)

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm going to miss this after tomorrow. However can't wait to see what comes next. You have such a beautiful way with words. Hugs and hoping you are having a glorious day.

Sybil said...

Hope you realise you have sent Mary daft today....WHY you may ask...well after reading todays edition about bubbles I have been going around singing/humming/whistling "I'm forever blowing bubbles, Pretty bubbles in the air" Mary keeps saying "change the record" LOL
Thanks Ma,
Love Sybil xx

Kath said...

Awww what lovely memory's this post brought back once more.All my children loved bubbles and my two youngest girls grandaughters still do.I often put some washing up liquid in a cup for them to blow bubbles whilst Grandma sings along LOL!!

I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air,
They fly so high, nearly reach the sky,
Then like my dreams they fade and die.
Fortune's always hiding,
I've looked everywhere,
I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air.

Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Anonymous said...

Yup..LOL..Ma...blowing bubbles with bubble mix or with spit...doesn't get much better than that!!!! ever done bubbles with spit...actually I think ever kid has tried it at least once...whether they got away with it the second time....???? LOLOLOL.hugs and God Bless...Ora

Joan said...

The house always looks so sad and dark when you take down the tree etc I am always sorry to do it. Love Joan

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Happy New Year MA!! I've missed coming to visit you! I'm off to mix up some happy bubbles!! You are so dear, warm and bright-just like the sunshine!!
Bless you MA!

peggy said...

We should have run outside today and blew some into the snow that was falling. Your snow picture looks just like what we had, it was beautiful. But oh so cold! I'll put your recipe for bubbles in my cookbook, never knew to put sugar in the mix. Happy Monday.

Buttercup said...

I saw your blog picture. Please drive safe!