It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chapter 1, Page 30, Book 10

More on banishing the winter blues…

Being indoors a great deal more during the winter, it is important to make our surroundings as cheerful as possible. Some simple additions and changes in decor may be just what your home needs to help you survive the winter blues.

Add Brightly Colored Throw Pillows and Scented Candles

Think the colors of Spring and Summer when you are looking for ways to brighten up the interior of your home during winter and you will create an illusion of a warmer and brighter season, Don’t overlook the power of simply draping warm-colored throw blankets over a chair or loveseat. Not only will this add to the coziness of your room, but it also makes the space feel more inviting to friends and family

What we eat also plays an important part in banishing winter blues. One easy way to add extra nutrition and a little bit of summer into meals is to grow your own herbs. Many herbs produce pretty flowers and growing them indoors will add a nice fragrance to your home

Just because there is not as much natural light during the winter months doesn`t mean that you have to go without. Replace regular light bulbs with bulbs that produce simulated natural light. They help to reduce eye fatigue and promote a better sense of well being

I am really going to put some effort in to THINKING SPRING today. I think I’ll banish some of my Saturday House Blessing and go to my storage boxes and find those Spring decorations that I usually don’t bring out til the middle of March.

It should be a Super Saturday here at my house,

I hope yours is a Super one too!

‘On Ya’-m


Buttercup said...

Greetings for a super Saturday. I'm off to bridal shower and a little shopping, so it should be a very fun day. Will be back tonight with photos and a post.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

We're having a super Saturday inside.....nine inches and counting over here......still snowing!!

Stay warm.....LindaMay

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm hoping spring will soon be here too although at -35C I don't think so. We also have a huge amount of snow to get rid of too. Hope you have a wonderful Sat. Hugs

Kath said...

It's been a very bitter cold day here today Ma and I am hoping the snow stays away.I bought some nice new cushion covers today for the spring.So I shall keep taking a look at those to cheer me as they will remind me it will soon be time to put them on show to brighten the lounge LOL!!Have a super day.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Bookncoffee said...

We are loving the snow here. Hope you are making it springy like you like it there!

betty said...

love your Valentine blog header, Ma! those cookies look delicious!

that is a good idea to get the spring decorations out and put a few strategically around the house to remind you of the coming spring


Joann said...

I have some beautiful bright flowers that a friend at the farmer's market gave me this morning.... yep, it's springtime here!!! LOL!! said...

Great tips,. I will try some of them. With the bitter cold and gray skies, I am ready for Spring or some new decorations for my house.
xox, Cassie

Joan said...

No more snow at the moment here lovely clear weather with sun and cold wind from the north but the snowdrops are just about out so there is hope we are throough the worst of it. have a peaceful Sunday. Love Joan

Lucy said...

I'd like to be able to swap out the pillows , art and knic knac's with each season. Would just be swell, wouldn't it?