It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chapter 1, Page 15, Book10

I have to share some interesting facts that I learned yesterday:

If you’re going to have some candy, it might as well be chocolate. We get an endorphin buzz from chocolate (not to mention the energy boost from the slight bit of caffeine chocolate contains). Dark chocolate has more caffeine than milk chocolate. I always have some around and now I know why. Chocolate is comfort food and I often need some of that in my life.

And did you know that a mental break for just a few minutes will revitalize you. I often pop on line during the work day and read a few blogs or my e-mail. It breaks up the monotonous work of data entry for sure.

And the last thing I have to share is that if you roll up and down on your toes. This stimulates your circulatory system, which will deliver much-needed oxygen and fuel (glucose) throughout your body. You’ll be more energized and sharper.

So today I’m going to try them all out and hopefully cure some of my ‘work day’ atrophy. It is not always easy to sit behind a desk all day.

Ma’s Tip for Today

Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy

Thankfully it is Friday, the final day of this work week and I am SMILING… I do hope you all are too!

‘On Ya’-ma


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Good Morning MA! Thanks for the excellent tips--on my way to stock up on CHOCOLATE! Happy Friday..and I'm so happy that you are smiling!

Kathy said...

I love hearing why I should eat chocolate!! I'll have to try the other two also. Have a restful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ma..sorry I haven't been dropping by as often...lazy I guess...can I blame it on the weather???? LOL..ok...thanks!!!! and sorry you are having computer problems...and I do miss your beautiful pictures...I don't care for dark chocolate very much...but do enjoy a Hershey bar from time to time...thanks for letting me know it is ok to "over" indulge!!! that is what you meant wasn't it??? oh good...thought maybe I took it the wrong way!!!! God Bless...hugs from Ora

Scrappy quilter said...

I keep meaning to ask you. have you set a retirement date yet?

I'm not one for a lot of chocolate. Every now and then I crave Turtles and that's about it. Hugs and have a wonderful day.

peggy said...

I'll try the toe thing, that's what I need.. and a dark Milky Way!

Kath said...

I am not a big chocolate eater but I do prefer dark Chocolate Ma.Now I shal have try the rolling on the toes.Hoping nothing goes wrong and I end up with a broken one He-He.So happy you are smiling I am imagining myself trying it out LOL.Have a lovely week-end.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sybil said...

Thanks for the permission to eat my chocolate with out guilt !!
This seems to have been a long week, so I am glad that we have got to Friday and tomorrow I am GOING OUT...the snow is almost all gone hip hip hooray...
It is making me smile even to think about it.
Love Sybil xx

grammy said...

Gotta try that rolling up on the toes thing (o:
couldn't hurt

Alice said...

Well hello Pam:) Trying to catch up some on blogs since most of my puter time is on Facebook or ordering things online. I know about the dark chocolate & will probably go have a little snack of it since you reminded me of it. Not sure how to do the toe thing. If you're on FB, let me know ~~~~