It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Chapter 12, Page 2, Book 09


One way to confront those blues is to give yourself a treat!

I love bargain shopping and resale shops. One of the things I do at lunch time is go to our local Goodwill shop and check out their merchandise.

I found this delightful place setting for 1.75 and decided that I must need it.

The coffee/tea cup is large enough that it could substitute for a soup bowl too.

New bowls

Old set that I’ve had for years

I got the other blue bowls that you see pictured there too because so many of the ones to my set have chipped or broken over the years and I figured that these would match well enough. I don’t use real dishes very often when I have a crowd like at this past Thanksgiving, but I do use them every day.

Just a little sugar makes the medicine go down they say!

Ma’s Christmas tip for today:

Let go of a problem you can't solve. Enjoy the season

‘On Ya’-ma


Buttercup said...

I dropped into Goodwill at lunch yesterday. Had a nice look, but nothing as cute as your snowman dishes.

Cindi said...

mmmmm, I can see coffee in that big cup...with a plate full of brownies...mmmmmm
love bargain shopping

Hollie said...

I love going to places like that, but I don't get to go very often. I love your treasures.

Scrappy quilter said...

Those snowman dishes are so cute. Glad you found such a great bargain. I love thrift store finds too. Hugs..

Sybil said...

How clever you are Ma...wish you lived near me
Love Sybil x

peggy said...

Did you make that cute table cover?

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh MA, I do love your blue!!And your thought for the day is as always so true. Your sayings always make me slap myself in the forehead and say, "Oh yea, now I remember..." Common Sense wisdom...I love it!!

betty said...

what great bargain you found with the snowman setting! like I said yesterday, so festive! I can picture hot chocolate in it or hot apple cider too!

I like the theme of the blue plates; very nice!!

We have several Goodwill/thrift stores here; have been to a couple of them; always great deals :)


Melissa said...

What pretty dishes!!! And the price makes them even prettier! I hope you smile every time you use them! And I'm heading to GOODWILL!!

And I'm going to try really hard to let go of a problem that I can't solve. Wise words! Thank you.